CoD: Warzone Player Hits Impressive Fighter Plane Seat Swap Snipe

Players are finding ways to make wild plays on Warzone's Caldera map, and there's nothing more satisfying than a well-timed snipe.


Since Vanguard's integration to Call of Duty: Warzone with the brand-new Caldera map, players have been scoring impressive plays thanks to the verticality WWII fighter planes and other new features offer.

In a clip shared by Crossbow Mike on Twitter, the player pulls off one of Warzone's most difficult plays with a fighter plane seat swap snipe. In the clip, the player leaves the pilot seat while in mid-flight, which relocates them to the plane's exterior. The plane's engine cuts off, the player pulls out a sniper rifle, gets a sniper kill on their opponent, and then quickly switches back to the pilot seat to resume flight.

Pulling off a snipe and flight maneuver like this takes quite a bit of finesse, but unfortunately, this isn't a world's first for Warzone as the player's tweet suggests. IceManIssac, a Warzone player and content creator for NRG, claims his clip from December 7 was the first ever pilot seat swap snipe in Warzone.

Regardless, Crossbow Mike's feat is impressive and will likely inspire even more players to attempt more interesting Warzone plays. Some players are already finding ways to get creative with Season 2's new redeploy balloons, which allows the user to zip back up into the air and parachute across the map.

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