CoD: Warzone's Loud Shipping Containers Could Be Opening Soon

Black Ops Cold War's cinematic outro trailer teases something happening with the shipping containers on Warzone's Verdansk map.


Call of Duty: Warzone's annoying shipping container structures may finally be opening soon, as a glimpse of Verdansk's shipping containers make a brief appearance in Treyarch's Season 5 cinematic outro trailer for Black Ops Cold War's ongoing narrative.

Yesterday's cinematic trailer shows operators Frank Woods and Jason Hudson discussing the recent events from Season 5's previous cinematics, which include Stitch and Kitsune activating the Numbers broadcast. Woods and Hudson believe their fellow operator Alder has become compromised after the broadcast.

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If you blink, you might miss the quick clip of Warzone's shipping structures when Hudson mentions that Adler has now gone rogue in Verdansk. This is likely a tease that players can expect something to finally happen with those containers.

The mysterious shipping containers arrived with the Mobile Broadcast Stations at the beginning of Season 5. The containers are found near several major points of interest on the map, and they're all stacked in a similar pattern. The stack is three containers tall and three wide, with two additional containers connected on the sides. Each structure has a green fuel tank and generator attached to seemingly supply power to whatever is hidden inside.

Shipping container image shown in Season 5's outro trailer
Shipping container image shown in Season 5's outro trailer

With the start of the Numbers event, Season 5's Mobile Broadcast Stations were finally activated but the containers remained unused, leaving many players wondering what the structures were meant for, especially since they are very loud.

Each container stack emits a loud humming noise from inside the structure. Maybe the sound is supposed to be coming from the generator, but it sounds more like it's coming from inside the containers. It's nearly impossible to hear sounds like enemy footsteps when anywhere near one of the structures, so hopefully whatever Raven Software has planned will quiet them down.

This leaves the big question of what is inside the containers? Some players hope it's a major loot haul, but that feels like a missed opportunity for Warzone. We've already got the loot-filled Red Door rooms. Hopefully, there is something much more interesting waiting inside. And why would containers of loot need to stay powered up?

If this is meant to hint at something happening before the end of Season 5, maybe the containers hold special devices that will be connected to the Numbers event. But if the outro trailer is teasing something that won't happen until Season 6 starts in October, it's possible that the Numbers event could be followed up by something themed for the spooky season.

Call of Duty's Season 5 Reloaded blog post even makes a subtle mention of something happening under Verdansk:

"As The Numbers Event goes online, intel suggests that [[REDACTED]] are under Verdansk and that [[REDACTED]] has gone AWOL – their position is reportedly related to coordinates for these [[REDACTED]]. This has led NATO to send in Special Agent [[REDACTED]] to stop this unauthorized operation, as it could jeopardize the agency in discovering and stopping [[REDACTED]]."

Adler is likely the mentioned agent who has gone AWOL, but what's under the map? Maybe it's just more brainwashed agents who are up to no good, but last year's Haunting of Verdansk event was a lot of fun with jump scares and zombies, so maybe something undead or spooky is being held inside Warzone's shipping containers or filling the mine shafts that run under Verdansk. Zombies won't exactly be a fresh idea, and I'd be happy with any variety of monster or Zombies-mode boss creature, but even boring loot is better than those loud containers continuing to punish everyone's ears.

Additionally, yesterday's cinematic trailer also hyped up the return of Alex Mason, who was the main protagonist and brainwashed agent from Black Ops 1. This likely means he'll be a playable operator for Warzone and Black Ops Cold War in Season 6.

All of this seasonal content continues for Call of Duty as Activision Blizzard faces a lawsuit from the state of California over alleged harassment and discrimination against women.

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