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CoD: Warzone Leaks Suggest MW2 Early Campaign Access And Umbrella Academy Collab

Data miners are searching through the Warzone's game files, and there are some pretty interesting claims of MW2 preorder bonuses and operator bundles.


Call of Duty Season 4 Reloaded went live for Vanguard and Warzone on July 27, and dataminers are already digging through the game files to uncover future content. One notable leaker claims more Modern Warfare 2 preorder bonuses are on the way, and another major fandom could get a Call of Duty collaboration.

Call of Duty dataminer Reality, who previously leaked several details about Modern Warfare 2 and Treyarch's next title, is now suggesting Warzone's Season 4 Reloaded update added references that mention a currently unannounced "Campaign Early Access" bonus offer for Modern Warfare 2.

The dataminer claims the update also includes files related to a Khaled Al-Asad operator bundle, which reportedly states Al-Asad will be "free with digital pre-order of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2." Al-Asad was the antagonist featured in both the original Modern Warfare and also introduced as a secondary antagonist in Modern Warfare 2019's post-launch story, so it's possible he'll be tied to the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 narrative.

This adds to Reality's previous claim that Vanguard's Season 4 Reloaded update files included details on four iconic Call of Duty antagonists who could get introduced as playable operators for Vanguard and Warzone.

Additionally, the leaker claims Warzone's files reference a collaboration with the popular Netflix series Umbrella Academy, which is based on Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá's award-winning comic series. Reality detailed bundles for characters such as the masked assassins known as Hazel and Cha-Cha.

While leaks must be taken with a grain of salt, Reality does suggest all the data mined details are presumably scheduled for Season 5 of Warzone and Vanguard. So far, Activision has officially announced Terminator operator bundles for Vanguard and Warzone in Season 4 Reloaded, and a Ghost in the Shell collaboration for Season 7 of Call of Duty Mobile.

In other news, Activision announced that Modern Warfare 2 beta code drops will happen next week during the Call of Duty League Championship on August 7.

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