CoD: Warzone - How To Find And Use Communication Towers On Rebirth Island

Warzone's Rebirth Reinforced event added a new feature, and here's what you need to know.


Call of Duty: Warzone's Season 2 Reloaded update brought a slight visual overhaul to Rebirth Island, but the map continues to evolve with the ongoing Rebirth Reinforced event. The first event reward brought the new Weapon Trade Stations feature, and now a second community reward has added Communication Towers. Here is everything you need to know about this new feature.

How to use Rebirth Island's Communication Towers

Nova 6 Factory rooftop communication tower
Nova 6 Factory rooftop communication tower

Rebirth Reinforced's second community challenge required players to trade a combined 190 million weapons to the Weapon Trade Station, and with the challenge being completed on March 30, Communication Towers have been added to Rebirth Island.

These towers act as limited-range UAVs to ping nearby enemies, and at $1,500 per use, they cost quite a bit less than a standard UAV killstreak. The towers can be activated multiple times if you have enough cash, but there is a cooldown of just under a minute between uses.

It's worth noting that the tower will make a pulsing sound when in use, so other players will know when a tower is active nearby. This audio cue adds a bit of risk to using the tower, but it's nice to have the intel when enemies are using a tower to ping your location.

Where to locate the Communication Towers

There are eight towers located around the island:

  • Near the base of the Stronghold tower

  • On top of the tower on the Headquarter building

  • On the Control Center rooftop

  • In the Living Quarters near the tents

  • On the Nova 6 Factory rooftop

  • On the Prison Block rooftop

  • On the Bioweapon Lab rooftop

  • On the Chemical Engineering rooftop

The Rebirth Reinforced event is set to run until April 14. New community challenges will unlock each week, which include upcoming rewards for the map such as the vague mention of a Golden Vault mystery.

In addition to Season 2's Rebirth Reinforced event, players can also complete some small Easter eggs on Rebirth Island to get items like free loadouts and Specialist Token items. We also have some recommended loadouts to try for your next match of Warzone.

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