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CoD: Warzone - How To Do Rebirth Island's Champion's Quest Nuke Challenge

Rebirth Island has its own unique nuke challenge, and here's how you can earn it.


Season 3 of Call of Duty: Warzone reintroduces the popular Rebirth Island Resurgence map, and it arrives with its own Champion's Quest challenge. This nuke challenge is similar to Urzikstan's, but there are some unique changes you'll need to know. Here we'll guide you through the multi-step process needed to score a nuke on Rebirth Island.

How to earn a nuke on Rebirth Island

In order to nuke the island, you must first unlock the Champion's Quest contract. To earn this, you'll need to either achieve the feat of five match wins in a row or win 30 games total within a season. Once you've completed this prerequisite, your next match will feature the Champion's Quest contract.

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Champion's Quest contract

Activate the quest

Once you've completed the win prerequisite, your next match will spawn a Champion's Quest contract. This is revealed as a yellow icon on your map. Much like Urzikstan's quest, you'll need to locate the elements required to assemble the nuke.

Collecting the elements

Activating the quest tasks you with an objective to "Acquire Elements," and it triggers a 10-minute time limit to complete the whole quest.

The difference in Rebirth Island's nuke challenge is that each of the three elements drops one by one with a 10-minute wait time. This sounds impossible because the quest only gives you 10 minutes to complete everything, but the time for each element is reduced by completing various actions on the map. These actions include interrogating enemies, getting kills, looting supply boxes, and buying items from Buy Stations.

This nuke challenge is best attempted with a full squad. You'll want to start your match by completing a few regular contracts to collect enough cash to help you with the cooldown timers.

Also, make sure to get your loadouts so you can fight off anyone trying to stop you. You and your teammates will have a constant UAV while the Champion's Quest contract is active, but you'll also all be marked for all your opponents in the match.

Once an element drops, it's marked on the map as a yellow supply box with a radiation symbol. Grab this as soon as possible because the timer for the next element will not start until someone has picked up the element that already dropped.

Repeat this process until you have all four elements.

Champion's Quest nuke rewards for Rebirth Island
Champion's Quest nuke rewards for Rebirth Island

Assemble the elements

Once you have all three elements, a bomb site is revealed on your map. Go there, deposit the elements, and arm the bomb. This initiates a two-minute countdown until detonation. Any player can try to stop you from completing this, so defend the area for two minutes. Once the countdown ends, the match ends with a brief nuke cinematic and your rewards will pop up.

Champion's Quest rewards

Nuking the island also comes with unique rewards:

  • Engine Light's On - Weapon camo
  • Material Handler - Unique operator skin
  • Champion Banner - Animated calling card
  • Master Procrastinator - Weapon charm
  • Alpha Particles - Weapon sticker

Tips for reducing the element drop timers

Loot everything. Don't just go for the supply boxes. Even the duffle bag loot containers count towards reducing the cooldown.

Interrogate. If you knock an opponent, interrogate if possible to get those extra cooldown points.

Stow portable Buy Stations. It's possible you might find yourself nowhere near a Buy Station when you need one. It can be helpful to call in a portable Buy Station in a place with more cover.

Spend your money wisely. The most efficient thing to buy for the cooldown is armor plates. They are the cheapest item, so it will reduce your cooldown without eating into your funds.

Firesales are important. Also make use of the Firesale event, which can often occur during the third circle. You can reduce a lot of your time just by having all your teammates spam purchase armor plates at the BuyStation.

If you're looking to complete this challenge in standard battle royale to earn those rewards, we have a Champion's Quest guide for Urzikstan. We also have a guide for Rebirth Island's new Easter egg, which allows you to unlock the Redacted weapon blueprint for the DG-56 assault rifle.

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