CoD: Warzone Golden Vaults Will Open Soon On Rebirth Island

Warzone is teasing a new vault mystery on Rebirth Island.


Call of Duty: Warzone's Rebirth Reinforced event is still in full swing on Rebirth Island, and the fourth community challenge is now live and teasing a "Golden Vault" mystery.

Mysterious bunkers aren't new to Call of Duty: Warzone, as the battle royale's original Verdansk map also launched with bunker Easter eggs of its own. However, three "golden" vaults were added to Rebirth Island with Season 2 Reloaded's major map update. The vaults are still currently locked, but a new challenge is now live in the Rebirth Reinforced event to let players work towards a community goal of unlocking them.

Rebirth Reinforced Golden Vault challenge
Rebirth Reinforced Golden Vault challenge

The currently locked vaults can be found by visiting the underground area near the Nova 6 factory, the cliffside between the Stronghold and the Living Quarters area of the map, and a third is below the shack found between the Dock and Bioweapons Lab.

It's uncertain what will be waiting for players inside Rebirth island's locked bunkers. It's possible the vaults will just contain high-tier weapons, armor, and killstreaks like the past Verdansk bunkers, or it could be the start of a larger Easter egg event to close out Season 2 and Rebirth Reinforced. As a community, players must work to collect $40 trillion in cash within Rebirth Island's Rebirth Blood Money Quads playlist. Completing this challenge awards participants with 100,000 XP and reveals the Golden Vault mystery. $40 trillion sounds like a lot of moolah, but players have already accumulated nearly $8 trillion towards the total goal in just a few hours of the challenge being unlocked.

Additionally, double XP is active for the new Rebirth Blood Money Quads playlist until April 14. Call of Duty also has a double battle pass XP event that is live across both Vanguard and Warzone from now until April 13.

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