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CoD: Warzone DMZ - How To Unlock Season 5 Rebreather, Extra Plates, And More Helpful Equipment

Season 5 adds even more helpful equipment and bonuses to unlock.


Call of Duty Season 5 is live in Warzone, and the big update adds new equipment and helpful bonuses to unlock as part of the Upgrades section of the DMZ menus. Here we guide you through getting all the new unlocks available, including extra armor plates, a Rebreather field upgrade, and a self-revive for solo queuing.

How to unlock Season 5 DMZ upgrades

If you're new to DMZ, the menus can be a bit overwhelming and some of the useful unlocks can get overlooked. Before deploying into a match, check out the Mission Objectives tab next to the deploy option. This is where you'll find the Upgrades menu for unlocking helpful bonuses.

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Tab over to the new Equipment section of the Upgrades menu, and you'll see a few different upgrades you can unlock.

Increased starting armor

There are three stages to completing this challenge, but doing so will allow you to start your matches with extra armor plates.

Stage 1 - Completing will let you start deployment with three armor plates

  • Dead drop eight stronghold keycards
  • Dead drop one skeleton key

This challenge can be completed on any of the maps, using any of the dead drop locations. These are the white dumpsters around the map that let you deposit cash and items for challenges and XP. You do not need to do this in one single deployment, and teammates can dead drop the items to count towards your progression as well. Stronghold keycards are pretty common loot, but if you need the rare skeleton key, you can always craft one using the Buy Station barter recipe.

Stage 2 - Completing will let you start deployment with four armor plates

  • Specific challenge will be unlocked once you complete stage 1 and reach reputation level 5 with Shadow Company

Stage 3 - Completing will let you start deployment with five armor plates

  • Specific challenge will be unlocked once you complete previous two stages and reach reputation level 9 with Shadow Company
DMZ equipment upgrade menu
DMZ equipment upgrade menu

Unlock Rebreather field upgrade

The Rebreather is a very useful piece of equipment in DMZ, as it lets you reach underwater loot and flooded areas of the map with better ease. Previously, this was one of the few field upgrades in Modern Warfare 2 that you were not able to equip to your starting loadout for DMZ. Now, you'll just need to complete a challenge to unlock the option to select the Rebreather.

To unlock the Rebreather you must reach reputation level 3 with Shadow Company, and then complete the given challenge.

Unlock armor box field upgrade

Another helpful field upgrade that was previously unavailable for loadouts is the armor box. To unlock the armor box as a selectable item, you must reach reputation level 7 with the Crown faction, and then complete the given challenge.

For more ways to make your time in DMZ much more efficient, make sure to check out all the barter recipes you can unlock in Season 5. If you still need to unlock additional insured weapon slots, Season 4 made it so much easier to level up in each faction. Here's everything you need to know about the faction reputation system, and here's how you can unlock insured weapon slots and cooldown bonuses.

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