CoD: Warzone Dev Confirms Sniper Rifle Nerfs Expected For Season 3

Enjoy the power of Warzone's sniper rifles while you still can.


Call of Duty: Warzone's sniper rifles have felt pretty powerful in Season 2, but players should expect some weapon balancing changes an in attempt to level the playing field in Season 3.

The news of the upcoming sniper nerf for Season 3 comes from Ted Timmins, who works on Warzone as Raven Software's Senior Creative Director. On April 5, Timmins was interviewed on a Twitch stream hosted by Complexity's content creators known as the Baka Bros. After a discussion of overpowered snipers and the increase in sniper use on Caldera, Timmins confirmed changes would be coming to Warzone's sniper rifles.

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The developer's response to the sniper issues was to say that Raven Software's weapons team is listening, and the team does plan on shifting the meta for sniper rifles. "I think we would all agree it’s long overdue," Timmins said. "The sniper meta hasn’t changed in what feels like forever."

However, Timmins said they wanted to have more of a conversation closer to Season 3, as the developer didn't want to "gas up the change" while not yet knowing the full extent of the upcoming weapon balancing. Regardless, players can expect some form of sniper nerf to arrive for Season 3.

Timmins also discussed a recent Raven Software interview, where the developer again confirmed that Warzone's past Verdansk map would not be returning for map rotation. Looks like players will need to be content with Caldera and Rebirth Island maps for now, or at least until Activision releases Warzone 2 later this year alongside Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Here is everything we know about Warzone and Vanguard's upcoming Season 3 updates. Warzone is currently evolving the Rebirth Island map during the Rebirth Reinforced event, which has added new features around the map, such as Weapon Trade Stations and Communication Towers.

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