CoD: Warzone Cheaters Are Still Getting Under The Map

Call of Duty: Warzone's Verdansk '84 map is only a couple weeks old, but players are still the frequent victims of map exploit abusers.


Cheating is definitely not new to Call of Duty: Warzone, but a resurgence of cheaters are plaguing Season 3's new Verdansk '84 map. Players are still using weak points in the map design, allowing themselves to get inside the walls of buildings or underneath the map for cheating that's nearly impossible to counter. You usually don't even realize they're inside the map until you're already dead and viewing the killcam.

Warzone's update on April 28 addressed some of the map exploits for Verdansk '84, but Raven Software acknowledged that more weak points needed to be patched. This is also evident by all the frustrated players still sharing clips of being undermined by cheaters under the map at various points of interest. It's unclear how long this will take, but be wary of landing at places with lots of exploits such as Verdansk's airport, stadium, and train station.

While it might not be the same kiss of death as running into a glitched out cheater, another frustrating occurrence in Warzone is random freezing. There can often be a brief freeze when players open crates. The freeze is just mere seconds, but that vulnerability can easily lead to death. Reddit user 'Meowsteroshi' posted that they feel it might be tied to the M60 light machine gun, which is pretty common ground loot in Warzone. This freeze has personally happened to me several times since the launch of Season 3, but I can't confirm the M60 was involved with every crate that caused the freeze up. Regardless, Warzone's retro Verdansk map could use an update to improve the overall quality of life.

While these ongoing issues can be frustrating, Raven Software quickly axed a gas mask exploit with Warzone's May 14 update, which had allowed players to use the gas mask to indefinitely survive the circle of gas. So, that's now one less way that cheaters can steal your victory royale.

Hopefully more issues will be ironed out on May 20 with the mid-season update for Call of Duty's Season 3, which teases the arrival of '80s action hero John Rambo. Check out our guide on how to open the vault at Nakatomi Plaza, one of Warzone's new Die Hard-inspired locations.

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