CoD: Warzone Bug Makes Some Operators Better For Parachuting

Players have discovered that some Warzone operators can fly farther than others, and here are the recommended operators to use.


Call of Duty: Warzone's Season 2 update made a change to the way operators glide with a parachute, but players have discovered a bug is causing some operators to glide much farther than others. Players may want to switch to one of the recommended operators until the bug is patched.

Prior to Warzone's second season of Vanguard's integration, players were able to glide much farther by facing sideways, but the Season 2 patch notes revealed changes to the parachute mechanics to make every operator glide that far while facing forward. However, players have discovered that some operators still have the old parachuting mechanics, meaning they don't go quite as far when gliding facing forward.

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Reddit user "hn6" said they tested several Warzone operators, and it appears that all Vanguard operators have the updated parachute mechanics, but some of the Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War operators are bugged with the old mechanics.

This claim was further backed up by popular YouTuber JGOD, who posted a video of his test results confirming that some operators still have Warzone's old gliding system. Modern Warfare's Roze and Nikolai skins seem to be bugged, as well as Naga, Weaver, and Wraith from Black Ops Cold War.

The best operators to use at the moment are Vanguard operators, but hn6 said several Modern Warfare operators seem to be updated with the new mechanic, including Stone, Sims, Golem, Grinch, Krueger, Mil-Sim, and Minotaur.

However, the best way for players to tell if their favorite operator is bugged or not is to check the operator's glide speed, which is shown on the screen when parachuting. The best operators to use will be shown gliding at 6.6 speed, while the operators that glide at 10.4 on the old mechanics will reach the ground much faster. Players will want to continue using the old method of sideways gliding to use the bugged operators and still fly farther.

Raven Software has not acknowledged this bug yet on the Trello board of ongoing issues being investigated for Warzone, so it's uncertain how long these operators will stay bugged. Warzone's next big update is slated for sometime later this month, with Call of Duty Season 2's big mid-season update.

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