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CoD: Warzone And Vanguard Season 4 Reloaded Update Includes Terminator Skins And Zombies In Warzone

Here is everything you need to know about the mid-season update for Season 4: Mercenaries of Fortune.


Call of Duty: Season 4 - Mercenaries of Fortune began its mid-season content refresh on July 26 for Vanguard, with Warzone scheduled to follow on July 27 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM PT. The update brings new content to both games, including a map for Vanguard and Terminator skins, the Fortune's Keep event, and a new operator and weapon to Warzone. Season 4: Reloaded also includes lots of zombie content in Warzone. We now have full Warzone Season 4: Reloaded patch notes and Vanguard Season 4: Reloaded patch notes, but read on for an overview of what's coming to both games.

Season 4 Reloaded new weapon, operator, and Terminator skins.

The mid-season update for Mercenaries of Fortune will bring one final weapon and operator to the season. The Vargo-S is described as an assault rifle with a high fire rate, and Ikenna Olowe is the last operator to be introduced for Season 4's Special Operations Task Force 009: Immortal.

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Season 4 Reloaded will include two limited-time Terminator cosmetic bundles that will be available to purchase and use in both Vanguard and Warzone. One bundle will include the iconic T-800 Terminator skin, while the other will have the T-1000 model. Both skins are modeled after their movie counterparts from the 1991 sequel Terminator 2: Judgment Day.


New zombie event is live now

Warzone is kicking things off early, as the live "Cursed Ground" public event is already available to experience on Season 4's Fortune's Keep map. Several "cursed chests" have been hidden around the island. These special chests contain power-ups and high-quality items, but can only be unlocked by completing a zombie killing event.

Once the event begins, zombies will continuously spawn near the cursed chest. Players will want to eliminate them near the chest to harvest Wisps. Harvesting enough Wisps within the time limit will complete the event and provide rewards, such as cash, killstreaks, equipment, and the chance of getting perk tokens.

New Zombie mode for Rebirth Island

Arriving with Season 4 Reloaded on July 27, players can expect a limited-time "Rebirth of the Dead" zombie-themed mode for Warzone's Rebirth Island.

Activision describes Rebirth of the Dead as a re-imagined version of Warzone's past Zombie Royale mode. In this mode, 10 quads will drop onto Rebirth Island to survive against both the living and undead. Just like Zombie Royale, eliminated players return as zombies. Zombie players can return to human form by locating and collecting four antivirals.

Antivirals can be found in several ways:

  • Lone antivirals, are found in crates and at Buy Stations
  • Eliminate a player to earn two antivirals
  • Earn all four antivirals by performing a finishing move as a zombie, earning an instant revival and the "Head Scratcher" calling card

Throughout the match, an Infestation Meter will fill up as zombies are eliminated. Once it is filled, all spectators will return to the match as zombies.

Those who win a match of Rebirth of the Dead as a human will receive the animated "Last Alive" calling card.

Model T-800 Terminator operator skin
Model T-800 Terminator operator skin

Titanium Trials: Endurance mode

Warzone is putting a new spin on the popular Iron Trials mode with the upcoming Titanium Trials: Endurance, which seems to be themed to match the new Terminator operator bundles.

Activision says the mode is designed to "simulate the toughness of a Terminator model," and the maximum base armor threshold will be increased to 300 hit points. The Tempered perk will appear more frequently as ground loot for more efficient armor repairs. Each player will begin the game with a Self-Revive Kit and core health regeneration takes longer to restore, making Titanium Trials a high-skill, high time-to-kill game mode.

The mode's description teases Titanium Trials: Endurance will feature a loot pool to support mode's the higher TTK gameplay, including exceedingly rare "redacted weapons" that are more powerful than a player's loadout weapons.

Titanium Trials: Endurance will arrive later in the update. The mode will launch on August 11, and it will only stick around for two weeks.

New movement features for Caldera

There will be new movement features added to the battle royale's main Caldera map. Warzone's Redeploy Balloons have been a big hit with players, and now there will be another way to zip back into the sky with Season 4 Reloaded.

The Portable Redeploy Balloon is being added as a new field upgrade, which can be found as loot or received as a Contract reward. These will allow players to redeploy into the sky much like the stationary balloons on the map, but now players can haul one around and deploy it anywhere.

The second movement addition will be a nitro boost for Caldera's Armored SUVs. This boost will give immediate acceleration, allowing players a faster escape or to catch up to their targets.

Vanguard Zombies camos are finally coming to Warzone

In Season 4 Reloaded, players who unlocked Vanguard's Zombie Camos will finally be able to use the camos in Warzone. Of course, these can only be equipped on Vanguard weapons, but players can finally show off their hard-earned weapon skins like Golden Viper, Plague Diamond, and Dark Aether camos.


A new multiplayer map is coming to Vanguard for the mid-season update. Desolation is described as a medium-sized map set in a labyrinthine village cut directly into a mountainside. The map will feature winding alleys and confined shacks on the ground floor for close-quarters combat, plus space to traverse rooftops and walkways above the town.

Despite all the zombie themes in Warzone, no updates were mentioned for Vanguard's Zombies mode, making the content light for Vanguard's Season 4 Reloaded update.

The start of Season 4 added the Shi No Numa map to Zombies, which added a new Zombies storyline Easter egg, side quests, and more. Hopefully, more Zombies content will arrive with Season 5.

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