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CoD: Warzone And MW3 Season 4 Roadmap Teases Top Secret Events And DNA Mystery

Season 4 of Call of Duty brings a new battle pass with Soap, new weapons, maps, and more.


Season 4 of Modern Warfare 3, Warzone, and Warzone Mobile arrives on May 29, and Activision has revealed the full roadmap of content, with highlights that include new weapons to unlock, more MP maps, and a Gundam crossover. We also now have the full CoD Season 4 patch notes, but you can get an overview of what to expect below.

Season 4 weapons and operators

Four new weapons arrive with Season 4. The Superi 46 submachine gun and Kar98k marksman rifle will be available to unlock in the free tiers of the battle pass, while the Reclaimer 18 shotgun and Sledgehammer melee weapon will arrive with the midseason update.

The paid battle pass includes new operator skins for Johnny "Soap" MacTavish, but it also introduces four new operators. Hammer is a new operator who is an instant unlock with the purchase of the battle pass, Void is unlocked at Sector 16, and Dupe and Copy are two BlackCell operators that are exclusive to the premium BlackCell battle pass bundle. This season's BlackCell operator includes a unique finishing move that copies the enemy's operator skin and equips it for a single life.

Seasonal events

Activision lists several events for Season 4, but some of the information for later events are "redacted," and possibly related to the reveal of Call of Duty 2024.

The season starts with the Critical Countdown event. This event runs from May 29 until June 26, and players will be tasked with collecting DNA samples to earn rewards and uncover the details about Season 4's DNA storyline.

Call of Duty's latest IP crossover is with Gundam, which includes new shop bundles themed around the franchise. The Mobile Suit Gundam Legends event runs from June 5 until June 19, and earning XP during this time will unlock Gundam-themed rewards.

Lasty, two other events are vaguely teased. One doesn't give a date or any details, with all information listed as "most secret," while a second "top secret" event is bookmarked for June 19 until June 26. One of these could be related to the secret collaboration teased on the roadmap, which could be the rumored crossover with Fallout.

Call of Duty Season 4 roadmap
Call of Duty Season 4 roadmap

Modern Warfare 3

Season 4 introduces three new 6v6 core multiplayer maps. Tokyo and Paris maps arrive at launch, with Tokyo being a nighttime city setting and Paris being a daytime map that gives players a view of the Eiffel Tower. The midseason update will add Incline, which is a snowy outpost in the mountains of Warzone's Urzikstan.

New game modes include Demolition and Hyper Cranked at launch, while a Headshots Only playlist and other new game modes will arrive at launch.

The update also includes new perks and killstreaks. Players can unlock a new Mission Control Vest perk that helps them earn killstreaks faster and a Compression Plate perk to aid in health regeneration. Four new killstreaks include the return of Call of Duty's I.M.S, missile drone, DNA Bomb, as well as the new Loitering Munition streak that allows players to leave an unmanned rocket drone in the sky.


While Season 4 doesn't provide any new maps, it does make a change to Urzikstan by adding a mysterious DNA Bomb at Popov Power. The update also teases that the bunkers on the map will be accessible once players discover how to open them.

The gulag will receive four random 1v1 silo variants. Each silo has a slightly different map layout, so players will have a bit of variety when fighting for their second chance.

The update also brings the return of Warzone's Buy Back Royale Solo playlist for Urzikstan. Additional modes are teased as being "redacted," and possibly related to upcoming IP crossovers and the reveal of Call of Duty 2024.

In addition to new daily and weekly challenges, Season 4 introduces new Warzone Reward challenges. This offers five different types of Challenge to complete, with each granting a reward:

  • Economics: These offer rewards in return for looting and spending cash at Buy Stations
  • Contracts: Unlock items for completing different types (and numbers) of contracts
  • Social: Interact with enemy players or aid your team to secure more item rewards
  • Mode: Complete tasks in different game modes across standard battle royale, Plunder, and Resurgence
  • Champion's Quest: Available to a player if the Champion's Quest is active in their game

Other features includes the Polaris RZR vehicle to Urzikstan, loot "Hot Zones," and a redacted weapon that will be revealed at a later date.

Warzone Mobile

Warzone Mobile shares progression with MW3 and Warzone, so the battle pass and BlackCell bundle are available. The game also includes its own special events and new content.

The iconic Crash map from 2007's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is joining the game's small selection of multiplayer maps.

Additionally, there is a crash taking place on Verdansk, and players will want to investigate the site of the helicopter crash. The roadmap teases this area will have top-secret cargo, but the area may contain "toxic debris" with unnatural elements.

Rebirth Island will also have toxic elements, with green gas-filled barrels littered around the map. These are flammable, but destroying them will earn players special event points in an upcoming event.

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