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CoD: Warzone And MW2 - Soul Capture Event Rewards And How To Earn Souls Fast

Things are getting spooky in Al Mazrah for The Haunting Halloween event, and here's how you can unlock holiday rewards.


Call of Duty's The Haunting event is now live in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone, and the Halloween-themed event brings a nighttime Al Mazrah map with demons, limited-time zombie modes on Vondel, and brand-new cosmetics to earn. Here's how to unlock every reward in the Soul Capture event of The Haunting.

How to participate in the Soul Capture event

The Haunting event for Modern Warfare 2 introduces the Soul Capture event, which requires you to collect captured souls in each match. Every player you eliminate will drop a soul to collect, but how many you can collect per match can vary depending on the game mode. These collected souls are earned and banked across all modes in multiplayer, battle royale, and DMZ, and you can save them up and trade them for rewards in the event tab.

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The Soul Capture event is similar to the previous Trophy Hunt event with kill tokens, however, you don't have to worry about manually depositing any tokens during your match of DMZ or Warzone. Souls are automatically saved across all modes this time.

All Soul Capture rewards

Soul Capture rewards tab
Soul Capture rewards tab
  • Gone Batty weapon sticker - 15 souls
  • Skullified calling card - 30 souls
  • Bit Corny charm - 60 souls
  • Creature Copter vehicle skin - 90 souls
  • Alien Death Ray weapon blueprint - 150 souls
  • Join Me loading screen - 15 souls
  • 1-hour double weapon XP token - 30 souls
  • Bad Luck? weapon charm - 30 souls
  • Carved Up weapon sticker - 60 souls
  • Battle pass tier skip - 90 souls
  • Violent End weapon blueprint - 200 souls

Additionally, six more rewards will be unlocked on October 14, including a weapon camo, battle pass tier skip, and weapon charm. Unlocking any 10 items in the event rewards will award a Mastery operator skin for Roze, and unlocking any 15 items will award a Mastery operator skin for Konig.

Soul Capture mastery skins for Roze and Konig
Soul Capture mastery skins for Roze and Konig

Fastest way to collect souls

The soul limit per match varies for different game modes. For example, Search and Destroy lets you collect up to 15 souls per match, but this mode offers much slower matches than Kill Confirmed which offers 12 souls per match. One of the fastest ways to collect souls will be to play multiplayer on small maps. The Shipment 24/7 playlist is available, and you can earn 12 souls per match here.

If you're looking to collect souls in Warzone, you'll want to pick a respawn mode like quads or trios in the Resurgence playlist to give yourself more opportunities to get kills. The best option seems to be Massive Resurgence Quads, which offers a whopping 20 souls per match. This will still likely take longer than Shipment, depending on how aggressive you play, but it's the best option for anyone who doesn't own Modern Warfare 2.

The Haunting event will be live for 20 days. Here is everything that changed with the event update for Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone, including spooking map variants, limited-time haunted equipment, and more.

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