CoD: Warzone And MW2 Season 6 Battle Pass Is Packed With Spooky Operator Skins

Here's what you can unlock with the Season 6 battle pass, including Spawn and several Halloween-themed skins.


The final season for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone launches on September 27, and Activision has released a blog to showcase the new weapons and cosmetics players can expect in the battle pass. Season 6 includes a Spawn comic crossover and several spooky skins perfect for the upcoming holiday.

Every season's battle pass includes new weapons to unlock, and Season 6 offers three weapons in the free tiers. The ISO 9mm is a submachine gun described as having a high fire rate but with exceptional steadiness, and this gun can be unlocked at Sector F4. The TR-76 Geist is described as a bullpup assault rifle that deals "solid damage" at a moderate rate of fire, and this weapon is unlocked at Sector F7. Lastly, the Dual Kamas is a melee weapon unlocked at Sector F18.

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There are plenty of operators to earn this season, and players who purchase the paid pass will instantly unlock the Al Simmons Spawn operator skin. Additional operator skins include variants of Spawn himself and other various villains and allies from the comic. These include the Creepy Clown Violator operator skin unlocked at Sector F2, Soul Crusher at Sector F6, a Mil-Spawn variant skin at Sector F8, the Disruptor skin at Sector F12, the Burned Spawn skin at Sector F15, and the demonic-looking Violator is available at Sector F19.

Unrelated to the Spawn universe, there is also a Gaia skin for Nova, which serves as a spooky tree version of the ancient goddess unlocked at Sector F11.

This season also includes a new BlackCell pass available for $30. This premium bundle will give players access to 1,100 CoD Points, 25+ battle pass tier skips, six tracer weapon blueprints, two vehicle skins, and 10 operator skins, including Valeria's robot variant "V4L3RIA," who features semi-transparent skin and robotic voice lines.

Season 6 battle pass map
Season 6 battle pass map

Outside of the battle pass cosmetics, there are even more spooky-themed cosmetic bundles in the shop for Season 6. Hellsing's Alucard bundle arrives to Call of Duty on October 3. This bundle comes packed with Alucard, three weapon blueprints that all feature red Watcher tracers and the Third Eye death effect, a finishing move, vehicle skin, loading screen, weapon charm, and other cosmetics.

Skeletor from the Masters of the Universe franchise has a bundle arriving on October 17, featuring three versions of the Skeletor operator skin, two tracer weapon blueprints featuring shocking purple tracers and the Last Laugh death effect. It also includes a finishing move, vehicle skin, weapon charm, sticker, emblem, and loading screen.

Two Diablo-themed bundles arrive in October. A Lilith bundle arrives on October 15, which includes the Lilith operator skin, two weapon blueprints with blood red tracers and the Ascension death effect, a finishing move, vehicle skin, weapon charm, and more. The Inarius bundle arrives on October 26, and the pack includes the fallen angel's operator skin, two "Pro-Tuned" weapon blueprints, a finishing move, vehicle skin, loading screen, and other cosmetics.

Ash from the Evil Dead arrives at the shop on October 23. Players can champion against evil with the Ash operator skin, which is paired with his classic Boomstick shotgun and an assault rifle weapon blueprint. Both of his guns get bloodier with more kills. Ash also has the Boomstick Boogie finishing move, a Chainsaw weapon charm, Evil Dead 2 loading screen, and more.

Other spooky bundles include a paranormal investigator, a pumpkin head, witch, and more. The full details of the blog can be found here. Make sure to check out all the major announcements for Season 6, including a Halloween event, a nighttime Al Mazrah map, and more.

As Modern Warfare 2 wraps up this season, Modern Warfare 3's November 10 launch date is getting closer. Here we break down all the details for Modern Warfare 3, which includes campaign details, a full list of multiplayer maps, Zombies, and more. Ahead of the game's full launch, you can play the Modern Warfare 3 beta in October.

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