CoD: Warzone 2 Season 4 Roadmap Details Vondel Map, Major DMZ Changes, And More

Here are all the major announcements for Season 4 of battle royale and DMZ.


A new season of Call of Duty arrives on June 14, and Activision has revealed the roadmap for Season 4. Warzone 2's new content will include a brand-new battle pass, the new Vondel map, major DMZ changes, and more. Here we highlight all the major announcements from Warzone 2's Season 4 roadmap.

New weapons and operator

Season 4 roadmap
Season 4 roadmap

Season 4 will introduce four weapons to the game. The battle pass includes the Tempus Razorback assault rifle and the ISO 45 submachine gun, and both weapons are available to unlock the free tiers.

Later in the season, Modern Warfare 2 will add the Tonfa melee weapon and a new shotgun, and both will be available to unlock either through in-game challenges or the purchase of a shop bundle.

The season also includes five additional operators, including the return of Nikto from Modern Warfare 2019. Nikto is the battle pass operator, while Ana Vega, Izanami, and Butch will be available in bundles. Another Blackcell premium battle pass is also being introduced, and the new operator included is called Io.

Assault on Vondel event

To introduce the new map and operator, there will be an Assault on Vondel event running from June 14 until July 7. This is a new community event which lets players participate in challenges that will award medals for personal rewards as well as community unlock rewards. The community rewards will include Season 4's new Tonfa melee weapon.

Battle royale

Vondel map

New Vondel map overhead view
New Vondel map overhead view

Vondel is a brand-new map with 15 main points of interest, including a medieval castle, an abandoned zoo, city hall, and a soccer stadium, and more. Activision describes the map size as being somewhere between Al Mazrah and Ashika Island, allowing up to 18 players for DMZ and 72 for battle royale resurgence game modes.

Limited-time BR mode

The new Lockdown LTM is scheduled to arrive around June 28. Activision says Lockdown is Quads mode inspired by the multiplayer mode Hardpoint, and it will task players with capturing and holding zones around the map rather than being the last squad standing.

Lockdown gives players their custom loadouts right at the start of the match, and these matches should last about double the time of a traditional Hardpoint match, so roughly four matches back-to-back within an hour.

Map changes on Al Mazrah

Sand dunes in Al Mazrah City
Sand dunes in Al Mazrah City

Al Mazrah's sandstorm will disappear with Season 4, leaving a few map changes around the surrounding area. This includes several sand banks to climb upon, which offer new ways to approach some of the city's buildings. There will also be some partial destruction that will offer players new approaches to maneuvering around the city.

New Resurgences mode features

Resurgence modes will receive a new Dynamic Timer feature in Season 4. This automatically adjusts a squad's timers should one or multiple squad members disconnect. If those squad members rejoin, the Resurgence timers revert back to their "normal" countdowns.

Additionally, the Vengeance Icon feature gives players an icon that shows the direction of the opponent who eliminated their teammate. This icon only shows direction and not the exact location of the killer.

Both Dynamic Resurgence Timers and Vengeance Icon features are planned to be included in all Resurgence playlists across all Warzone maps.

New equipment and public event

One of the community unlocks for the Assault on Vondel event includes the new Reinforcement Flare equipment, which allows players to scavenge or purchase a flare gun, which can be used to redeploy a dead teammate back to the fight.

The Vondel map will launch with a new public event called High Stakes. With High Stakes, several Loadout-sized crates will drop from the sky. Capturing them grants players double weapon and player XP for the duration of the match. This bonus also stacks with double XP tokens or double XP events, meaning players who already have double XP active will gain quadruple XP if they (or a squadmate) secure this package.


Warzone 2's new Vondel map will also be an exclusion zone for DMZ players to explore. Unlike some of DMZ's other exclusion zones that require keycards or puzzle-solving skills, Activison says players can deploy to Vondel at any given time.

New FOB player hub

Season 4 will also bring another major overhaul to DMZ, which includes the addition of a new centralized hub called the Forward Operating Base. This menu system will allow players to complete objectives to earn a variety of upgrades to use across DMZ. Additionally, all of the upgrades within the FOB are passive, and don't need to be equipped.

These upgrades come in four different categories:

  • Stash: Wallet and Key Stash size increases.
  • Weapons Locker: Insured and contraband armaments and upgrades.
  • Bounty Board: For Exfil, Bartering recipes, and Buy Station discounts.
  • Communications Station: Allowing Urgent Mission access.

The urgent missions in the FOB are a new type of Faction-requested task. They are described as being quicker to complete, and provide a way to earn Faction Reputation and unlock more story missions.

The new update will also allow DMZ players to keep their extracted Cash from each match in a wallet. This lets players choose to re-infiltrate with cash on hand, potentially making it easier to gear up and complete objectives.

Dynamic fog

Dynamic fog effect
Dynamic fog effect

Season 3 added a sandstorm to Al Mazrah, and now Season 4 will add dynamic fog, which looks to be unique to the Vondel. Activision says that while the fog is typically light enough to still see enemies at medium distances, in rare instances, the fog will have a much higher density level.

There's also a new DMZ boss being teased, but more information will be provided later in the season.

For more on Season 4, check out more details on Modern Warfare 2's big update, including more maps, modes, and a new Raid episode.

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