CoD: Warzone 2 Perk Packages Are Bugged, And One Perk Gives Tons Of UAVs

Warzone 2's perks are bugged, and one perk is giving out free UAVs.


Call of Duty: Warzone 2 launched just two weeks ago with plenty of fresh changes, but as can often be expected with new live-service titles, the battle royale sequel came packaged with a few bugs. Currently, the game's perk packages for custom loadouts are bugged, so players might not be playing with the perks they intended on using, and one specific perk is handing out some valuable free intel.

Unlike Warzone 1, perks are no longer available as ground loot or available to customize for a player's personal loadout. Perks follow Modern Warfare 2's perk package system, and these are only available as preset packages for loadout drops in Warzone 2. However, players have discovered they're grabbing their loadout drop and not getting the perk package they assigned to their custom loadouts.

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As shown in a video by YouTuber JGOD, Warzone 2's perk packages are currently bugged in the loadout drops. Players are selecting a custom loadout with one perk package, but the game is giving them a completely different set of perks. There doesn't seem to be a fix for the inaccurate custom loadout perks, but JGOD tested that the default loadout options are giving the correct perks, so players will want to grab a default package to get the perks they need.

The Birdseye perk is also a very overpowered perk to use in Warzone 2, as players have discovered it gives out tons of free UAVs over the course of a match. As explained by JGOD, players with the Birdseye perk equipped will receive a UAV anytime one is called on the entire map. So, Birdseye players are benefiting every time an opponent or a teammate calls in a UAV. This benefit doesn't just work with the UAV killstreak, as Birdseye will also trigger a UAV for the player when anyone activates a UAV Tower on the map.

It's uncertain if the current benefits of Birdseye is another perk bug, or if this is an intentional function of the perk, which is simply described as a perk that provides UAV and Radar pings to reveal the enemy's direction. The Modern Warfare 2 version of the perk doesn't give out intel from enemy UAVs, but if the perk is working as intended in battle royale, it might receive a nerf in the future as players are starting to abuse Birdseye to receive tons of intel. This is a very powerful perk for late-game scenarios, and it can be equipped by using one of the default loadout packages.

In addition to the loadout drop public event, players can also get a free loadout drop by completing one of Al Mazrah's Strongholds, and here we have a full guide to Warzone 2 and DMZ Strongholds. Many players are currently chasing Warzone 2's most difficult feat of obtaining a tactical nuke, which requires five consecutive wins and a grueling in-game quest to assemble a nuke.

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