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CoD: Warzone 2 DMZ - How To Secure Season 5's MRAP Armored Vehicle

DMZ's most beastly vehicle is difficult to acquire, but here's how you can use it for yourself.


Season 5 of Call of Duty: Warzone adds a powerful armored vehicle to DMZ, but it's not easy to get access to this new ride. Here we guide you through locating and unlocking DMZ's MRAP armored vehicle.

What is the MRAP

Season 5's Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) is DMZ's deadliest vehicle ever introduced. This monster of a truck is equipped for combat with heavy armor, dual turrets, and grenade launcher, making it a slow but powerful vehicle for attack or defense.

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If you're on the opposing end of this armored mammoth, you'll want to flee or engage fire with high-damage weapons. The best options will be the JOKR rocket launcher or the precision or mortar strikes killstreaks.

How to locate and secure the MRAP

The MRAP is a rare vehicle spawn on all DMZ maps, and the locations will be random each match. Check your Tac-map to find the bulky armored vehicle icon shown in the screenshot below, which can often be found at one of the gas stations on the map. Unfortunately, you can't just hop inside and drive off. You'll need a key to secure this new ride.

MRAP map icon
MRAP map icon

MRAP keys can be purchased from a Buy Station for the hefty cost of $200,000 each. You'll need to do a lot of looting and selling at the Buy Stations and pool money with your teammates, unless you already have DMZ's wallet upgrades. If you are just getting started and still need to level up your wallet, make sure to check out our guide on how to level up your faction reputation and upgrade your money stash.

Keys can also be looted, but this is a rare item drop. They don't seem to be found in easier loot places like Strongholds, so you'll want to search high-tier loot locations like locked buildings. Check to see if you already have keys stashed for some of the larger key buildings, such as Al Bagra Underground or Downtown Post Office for Al Mazrah. The Research Center Room key is one of the best for orange crates on Ashika Island, and the Veterinarian Key is great for looting on Vondel.

Unlocking the MRAP is also part of Season 5's new Shadow Company faction missions. Make sure to equip the Abandoned Vehicle mission before securing your first MRAP, as completing the mission will reward you with 100 faction reputation for Shadow Company, 5,000 XP, and a double weapon XP token.

Season 5 also adds new equipment unlocks and upgrades to help you in your DMZ adventures. Here we guide you through unlocking the armor box, Rebreather, and additional armor plates. For more on DMZ, here is our guide for all the entrance points and puzzle rooms for Koschei Complex, and here's how to obtain the access cards for Building 21.

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