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CoD: Warzone 2 DMZ - How To Get All Vondel Weapon Case Event Rewards

Here are all of Vondel's Weapon Case event rewards and how to get them.


Season 4 is live in Call of Duty: Warzone 2, and the big update adds the brand-new Vondel map. Just like the other maps in the game, Vondel has a unique Weapon Case event for DMZ, and here we guide you through everything you need to know to get all the new rewards.

Weapon Case events explained

Vondel's DMZ's Weapon Case event works much like the ones on Al Mazrah and Ashika Island. The event only happens once per match, and it can quickly turn into a chaotic free-for-all, as only one person (and their squadmates) can claim the reward each game. There are six unique rewards that can be earned for Vondel's Weapon Case event.

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How to locate and complete the event

The boss for Vondel is called Bullfrog, and he won't show up right away, but eventually you'll see a text notification informing you that "Bullfrog has entered Vondel." The event is marked on the map with the yellow weapon case icon, and once Bullfrog arrives, he'll be marked with a white skull icon. This icon will be constantly changing locations on the map, as the Bullfrog is driving around Vondel in an armored truck.

Bullfrog doesn't stop driving, so you'll want to grab a vehicle to chase him down. You'll also likely want guns with a decent ammo count, such as a light machine gun or an assault rifle. Rocket launchers, drill charges, and semtex grenades can also come in handy here. If you have a full trio, have a driver keep you close to Bullfrog's vehicle while you and the other teammate toss lethal equipment and shoot until Bullfrog's truck is destroyed. Defeating Bullfrog will cause him to drop some random loot items and a weapon case. You must pick up the case and exfil to earn the event rewards.

Note: Once the briefcase is picked up, you or the teammate carrying the case will be marked on the map for everyone in the match. Any tempted players can hunt you down and take your weapon case, and likewise, you can also use this strategy to earn the event rewards for yourself.

Weapon Case event rewards

Vondel's Weapon Case event rewards
Vondel's Weapon Case event rewards

There are six rewards to score for Vondel's Weapon Case event, and they can only be earned one at a time, with one being earned for each event completion. This means you'll need to complete this event six times to earn all rewards.

They are earned in the order below:

  • Neptune's Wake - vehicle skin
  • First Mission - calling card
  • Shark Attack - calling card
  • Speeder - emblem
  • Steady Approach - loading screen
  • Between the Eyes - sniper rifle weapon blueprint

For more on DMZ, make sure to check out our Season 4 guide for bartering recipes, changes to insured weapon slots and cooldown bonuses, and here's how you can earn DMZ's exclusive Heated Madness weapon blueprint in Koschei Complex.

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