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CoD: Warzone 2 DMZ - How To Get All Ashika Island Weapon Case Event Rewards

Here are all of Ashika Island's Weapon Case event rewards and how to get them.


The second season of Call of Duty: Warzone 2 adds the new Ashika Island map for battle royale and DMZ. This new map also includes a new Weapon Case event for DMZ, and here we guide you through everything you need to know to get all the new rewards.

Weapon Case events explained

Ashika Island's DMZ's Weapon Case event works much like the one on Al Mazrah. The event only happens once per match, and it can quickly turn into a chaotic free-for-all, as only one person can claim the reward each game. There are seven unique rewards that can be earned here.

How to locate and complete the event

Ashika Island tac map and event location
Ashika Island tac map and event location

The event is located at the island's Castle POI, and there's a yellow folder icon with a question mark to highlight the specific area within the castle. Here you'll need to gain access to a locked area and fight through enemies to collect a weapon briefcase. This case then needs to be successfully extracted for you to earn the rewards.

As you approach the location, there will be an automated turret firing at you. I'd recommend having at least one person in your trio carry semtex and the munitions box field upgrade here. An RPG could also be helpful, or if someone has the armor piercing rounds on a custom light machine gun build, those could work too.

Once you take out the turret, interact with it to hack the security system. This gives you access to the locked area of Tsuki Castle. You'll need to fight through more of Warzone's AI enemies, but you'll want to make your way upstairs to fight off some riot shield AI and collect the briefcase. There are tons of proximity mines and claymores set up inside the castle, so make sure you watch your step and wear armor plates inside.

Note: Once the briefcase is picked up, you or the teammate carrying the case will be marked on the map for everyone in the match. Any tempted players can hunt you down and take your weapon case, and likewise, you can also use this strategy to earn the event rewards for yourself. The area of the castle you unlocked contains much of the same high-tier orange and white supply boxes as a DMZ Stronghold, so make sure you gear up before grabbing the case and marking yourself on the map.

Weapon Case event rewards

There are seven rewards to score for the Weapon Case event, and they can only be earned one at a time, with one being earned for each event completion. This means you'll need to complete this event seven times to earn all rewards.

They are earned in the order below:

  • Backup Plan: Pistol weapon blueprint
  • Aces: Emblem
  • Full House: Calling card
  • Bear With Me: Weapon sticker
  • Triple Threat: Loading screen
  • Full House: Emblem
  • Fight Night: Assault rifle weapon blueprint

It's worth noting that these new rewards are unique to Ashika Island. If you haven't finished collecting the Weapon Case event rewards from Season 1, those are still available to earn on the Al Mazrah map.

Ashika Island serves as a third location for DMZ alongside Al Mazrah and Building 21. Special access is required to reach Building 21, and here's our full DMZ guide to obtaining the Building 21 keycards needed.

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