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CoD: Warzone 2 DMZ - How To Earn Faction Reputation

Season 4 gives you a new way to progress through the factions in DMZ.


Season 4 is live Call of Duty: Warzone 2, and the big update overhauls DMZ's menu and progression systems to provide quality-of-life improvements and faster leveling of the story factions. Here is everything you need to know about earning reputation and leveling up Factions in Season 4 of DMZ.

How to earn faction reputation in DMZ

Previously, DMZ only offered one way to level up factions and unlock the story missions for each. This method was a massive grind with increasingly difficult missions to complete. With Season 4's new reputation system, players have more than one way to unlock the story missions. This reputation is earned through completing faction or urgent missions.

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Faction missions

DMZ mission progress from last season has been wiped, meaning all players start Season 4 with a fresh set of missions for each faction. These are a mix of new and reworked missions from past seasons. The biggest difference this season is that completing these will now reward you with faction reputation, which is the new way to level up the factions and unlock story missions.

Urgent missions

DMZ's Communication Station menu
DMZ's Communication Station menu

Urgent missions are found in the Communication Station section of DMZ's new Upgrades menu tab. These are limited-time missions that serve as smaller tasks than the normal faction missions. These tasks will be rotated daily, so you'll have urgent missions to complete each day you log on to the game. However, these must first be unlocked by completing one objective for each faction.

  • Black Mous: Extract with a full backpack with each slot filled.
  • White Lotus: Complete the mission "Mysterious Letter" for the Black Mous faction
  • Crown: Reach reputation level 2 with Crown to unlock
  • Phalanx: Complete the mission "Icebreaker" for the Black Mous faction

The first mission for each faction is fairly simple and offers 100-200 points of reputation, so it shouldn't take you long to start leveling up.

With the addition of urgent missions, you're no longer forced to complete specific faction missions to unlock the weapon slots. You can bypass the difficult faction missions and progress through the levels of DMZ's various factions by earning reputation from urgent missions as well.

Season 4 also includes the new Vondel map for DMZ. There are no unlock requirements needed to play this new map, but there are requirements to reach DMZ's other exclusion zones. Here is our guide for all the entrance points and puzzle rooms for Koschei Complex, and here's how to obtain the access cards for Building 21.

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