CoD: Warzone 2 DMZ - Best Loot Locations For Season 2

Here are the best places on Ashika Island and Al Mazrah to score high-tier loot in DMZ.


The second season of Call of Duty: Warzone 2 added the new Ashika Island map, and there are now plenty of new locations in DMZ to score high-tier loot on both maps. Here we'll guide you through all the areas worth visiting in Season 2 of DMZ to get the best loot hauls on Ashika Island and Al Mazrah.

Ashika Island

Drifting Supply Bag duffle

Drifting Supply Bag location
Drifting Supply Bag location

Season 2's new island map has a hidden loot location near the northwest tip of the map. Head out into the water at this northern point of the map, swim further north to the Coastal Ruins, and dive down to locate a locked duffle bag underwater. This is found on the tac map as the top right portion of the D2 quadrant. You'll need the Drifting Supply Bag key to unlock this duffle, but once opened you'll be able to loot three Ashika masks. These masks can be sold for $25,000 each, so this is one of the easiest ways to get the cash you need to buy expensive upgrades like the three-plate vest and large backpack.

The Drifting Supply Bag key can be looted from the map at random or scavenged from dead players. Sometimes special DMZ keys can be found for purchase in Buy Stations or looted from HVT enemies.

Tsuki Castle

Ashika Island's Tsuki Castle is locked and heavily fortified as part of the map's Weapon Case event. Here we have a full guide on how to access Tsuki Castle, but even if you don't want to go for the Weapon Case, this is still a loot-filled spot worth scavenging.

Power Plant Stronghold

There are plenty of Strongholds on Ashika Island, but one of the most loot-filled Strongholds is the Power Plant location near Ōganikku Farms. This is a three-level Stronghold filled with boxes. This one is swarming with AI enemies, but it's well worth clearing them all out for the loot you'll earn inside.

Hidden bunker in Waterways

Inside the hidden Waterways Cavern. Cross these two pillars.
Inside the hidden Waterways Cavern. Cross these two pillars.

There is a hidden bunker in the Waterways section of the map. Swim through the flooded canals of the Waterways, and dive down between the submarine and the wall to find an underwater tunnel. You'll want to swim cautiously here, as there are two trip wires to defuse. You can interact with them and disable the wires if you're careful, but you'll likely get taken down if you miss them and don't have full armor plates. Swim until the tunnel opens up into a cavern, and climb up to reach the surface. From here, hop across two pillars to reach an underground bunker full of high-tier loot crates.

Al Mazrah

Crypto Mining Farm

View of the window from the bank rooftop
View of the window from the bank rooftop

One of the easiest places to get looted up in Al Mazrah for Season 2 is the Sawah Village Crypto Mining Farm. The building is locked and requires the Crypto Mining Farm key, but if you don't have the key, you can now climb up to the rooftop of the adjacent bank building and then parachute into the now-open window of the Crypto Mining Farm building. This location usually has high-tier loot crates and gold to scavenge.

New train

You may have noticed a new train rolling through Al Mazrah. In addition to Al Mazrah's cargo train, Season 2 adds a passenger train to the map. This train has several more loot boxes than the original, and you'll have way more cover to protect yourself from enemy attacks. It's definitely worth hopping aboard and gearing up here.

New underground Stronghold

Tunnel entrance to underground Stronghold
Tunnel entrance to underground Stronghold

Season 2's update added a new Stronghold location to the map just north of Hydro, but it can be a bit tricky to find. This is an underground location, and there are multiple entrances all around the Stronghold's map icon. There is an entrance inside a building located just above the Stronghold hold and a nearby well with a zipline going down, but a sneakier way to enter is to use the new tunnel access shown in the screenshot above. The tunnel was gated off in Season 1, but now you can access this passage if you have a Stronghold keycard. This area provides one of the largest and most loot-filled Strongholds in Al Mazrah, but the AI here are abundant and ruthless. Make sure you are stocked with armor plates and ammo before attempting this one.

Yum Yum Burger

Yum Yum Burger
Yum Yum Burger

A quick place to get money in Season 1 was the diner in Al Mazrah City. This remains a great place to score cash, as the registers inside the Yum Yum Burger diner are still filled with plenty of cash. There are also plenty of high value wine bottles to loot as well.

If you're new to the mode, we also have some general tips to help you get started with DMZ. Ashika Island also adds a cute sea lion Easter egg, and here's a guide for how to use the map's exclusive Sea Treasure Token currency.

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