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CoD: Warzone 2 Ashika Island Easter Egg Lets You Feed A Sea Lion

Feed a sea lion and earn some loot.


Season 2 of Call of Duty: Warzone 2 arrived on February 15, adding the brand-new Ashika Island Resurgence map. The map has a cute Easter egg at the island's aquarium, and we'll walk you through the steps needed for feeding the sea lion.

Technically, you're not feeding a real sea lion, but there's a statue of a sea lion on Ashika Island that lets you feed it some fish. To complete this Easter egg you'll need some explosive equipment. Scavenge for some grenades, semtex, or C4 lethal equipment, and you'll want to travel to the west coast of the map near the Beach Club.

Sea lion statue outside of the Beach Club aquarium
Sea lion statue outside of the Beach Club aquarium

How to get fish

You can get fish from various parts of the water around the island, but you'll likely want to start somewhere close to the Beach Club's aquarium, which is where you'll be performing the Easter egg step.

Fishing locations can be spotted as ripples in the water with fish jumping out, so just scan the water for a moment, and you'll likely find a few areas available to you. Fish can also be found in the water within the canals. Ashika Island doesn't provide any fishing poles, so you'll need to toss your explosive equipment into the water to kill those nearby fish. It's overkill, honestly, but then you can swim out and loot the dead fish from the water.

How to feed the sea lion

Take the fish to the aquarium. Outside of the main aquarium building is a statue of a sea lion. Getting close to the statue will give you the prompt to interact and feed the sea lion. You'll get an audio cue after you've fed the sea lion three fish, you'll hear the sea lion bark with the text prompt "Arf Arf."

This is just a cute little Easter egg to try, but sacrifice the fish at your own risk because you'll be awarded with 50 XP and a random item. I've seen unrewarding items such as lethal equipment, and I've also seen players score a killstreak.

Season 2 also adds a brand-new Weapon Case event to DMZ, and here's our guide for the Weapon Case event rewards on Ashika Island. If you haven't finished collecting the Weapon Case event rewards from Season 1, those are still available to earn on the Al Mazrah map.

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