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CoD: Modern Warfare 3 Players Spending More Time In Multiplayer Compared To MW2

Activision released new stats from MW3's first week since launch.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 released just over a week ago, and new details from Activision reveal interesting statistics when comparing the game to last year's Modern Warfare 2.

As reported by CharlieIntel, Activision says players are spending more in-game time across all modes in Modern Warfare 3 versus last year's multiplayer. Map statistics show Rust is the top multiplayer map by matches played, and Terminal is the number one map by hours played. In terms of popularity, Scrapyard is the most voted multiplayer map.

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Despite being a much shorter playthrough, players are spending more time playing this year's campaign compared to Modern Warfare 2. Modern Warfare 3's campaign was not as well-received as MW2's story, which is partly due to the inclusion of so many of the new Open Combat-style missions. These open-world missions disrupted the flow and impact of the narrative, but they were meant to offer players more replayability and choice, which could possibly have players jumping back in.

Notably, these stats given for Modern Warfare 3 are based on average hours per player, so there's no indication about the total number of hours played. As of yet, Activision hasn't shared any of those details, nor has it announced sales figures for the game, which has received poorer-than-average reviews for a Call of Duty game. Whether that--or the release of Modern Warfare games in back-to-back years--has any impact on sales remains to be seen.

Modern Warfare 3 recently received an update to address Zombies stability issues and bring changes to the sliding delay in multiplayer. Additionally, Sledgehammer Games has announced more changes are coming, including a stamina bar for multiplayer.

Season 1 of Modern Warfare 3 begins sometime in early December. This update includes Warzone integration with the new Urzikstan map, brand-new core multiplayer maps for 6v6 modes, and several new updates for Zombies.

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