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CoD: Modern Warfare 3 And Warzone Season 1 Release Date And Details

The first season of MW3 will bring a new battle pass, brand-new MP maps, and Warzone integration.


Call of Duty is gearing up for the first full season of Modern Warfare 3. Here are all the major announcements for the upcoming update, including brand-new core maps for 6v6 multiplayer, more Zombies missions, and Warzone's new map.

Call of Duty Season 1 start times

Season 1 of Modern Warfare 3 arrives on December 6. The big update goes live at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM BST across all platforms.

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What to expect from Season 1

The first season of Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone includes a new battle pass to level up and unlock more weapons and cosmetics. The season's new operators are Nolan and Dokkaebi. Season 1 brings five free new weapons and nine aftermarket parts to unlock.

Season 1 weapons include:

  • XRK Stalker sniper rifle (Unlocked in the battle pass)
  • RAM-7 assault rifle (Unlocked in the battle pass)
  • Stormender launcher (Unlocked in the battle pass)
  • HRM-9 SMG (Unlocked In-season as an Armory Unlock)
  • TAQ Evolvere LMG (Unlocked In-Season)

The $30 premium BlackCell pass also returns, which includes the new Abolisher operator, extra tier skips, alternate BlackCell-exclusive skins earned throughout the pass, and more.

Season 1 roadmap
Season 1 roadmap

Getting in the holiday spirit, Season 1 will include the Santa's Slayground limited-time event for MW3 and Warzone. Multiplayer will include holiday reskins for select maps, Warzone has "Zombie Santa" and undead deer, and there's even a Santa operator bundle.

Season 1 also includes another crossover with The Boys. This includes new Supe operator skins for A-Train and a "classified" character alongside the Supe'ed Up limited-time mode.

Modern Warfare 3

The entire map pool at launch was remastered maps from the original Modern Warfare 2. Now, Season 1 is set to add brand-new 6v6 maps. These additional maps include three brand-new core 6v6 maps and one 2v2 map.

There are a few new modes for Season 1. Call of Duty's classic 2v2 Gunfight mode returns, the All or Nothing free-for-all mode, and a new Vortex mode themed around the Ray Gun from Zombies will arrive later in the season.

Two new killstreaks can be unlocked through the Armory Unlock challenges. The Swarm is earned at either 15 kills or 1,875 points, and it deploys a large number of mosquito drones to a selected area. The EMP is earned at 13 kills or 1,625 points, and it provides an electromagnetic pulse to disrupt enemy killstreaks and equipment.

On the Zombies side, there's a new story act to complete, continuing the narrative of the first three acts. There will be Dark Aether Rifts challenges added and a new category of unique acquisition schematics that players can unlock. The V-R11 Wonder Weapon also returns from the original Call of Duty: Black Ops.


Modern Warfare 3 will fully integrate with Warzone in Season 1, replacing Al Mazrah with the Urzikstan map. Urzikstan will be the only map available at the start of the season and will include both battle royale and Plunder modes, but Ashika Island and Vondel will return for Resurgence modes after 48 hours.

The new season brings the integration of Modern Warfare 3's features, perks, and the game's new movement mechanics. This updated Warzone will include classic red dots on the mini map, and there will be new ways to traverse the map with features like horizontal ziplines and a drivable train.

Urzikstan has a brand-new Gulag. This new 1v1 arena features a simple three-lane design and instead of capturing a flag, players can connect to an ascender to zip out of the arena. Later in the season, the Gulag will include random variants, as there is a nighttime version where players get night-vision goggles.

Season 1 adds several gameplay improvements, including a manual toggle for the gas mask, better visibility for water combat, and a backup pistol.

A new update for Modern Warfare 3 has temporarily removed the "evil Groot" skin from the game to address the visibility issues. More updates are likely to arrive with the start of the new season.

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