CoD: Modern Warfare 2 Leak Suggests Iconic Sniper Could Arrive In Season 3

Data mining suggests several new weapons for future seasons of Modern Warfare 2, including the popular Intervention sniper rifle.


Ever since Season 2 Reloaded went live in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, data miners have been sifting through the game files for hints of what to expect with future updates. A recent leak suggests several potential weapons could arrive in Season 3, including the iconic Intervention sniper rifle.

Originally, a group of Call of Duty leakers known as Task Force Leakers 141 tweeted claims that the FR 5.56, based on the Famas, could arrive in Season 3. A follow-up tweet has included a larger list of 13 different weapons found in the game files, which could all potentially arrive sometime in Season 3 or beyond. The list shows a lot of weapons with placeholder names, but the data miners claim one of the weapons is the Intervention sniper rifle, which was originally introduced and made popular in 2009's Modern Warfare 2.

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Other notable mentions on the data mined list includes Modern Warfare 2019's popular Kali Sticks melee weapon and Black Ops Cold War's Tec-9 submachine gun.

Season 2's crossbow and KV Broadside shotgun were leaked before the launch of the season, and it's likely this could be happening again for Season 3, but data mined information doesn't guarantee these weapons for any seasonal update.

Task Force Leakers 141 also suggest Alejandro Vargas, Valeria Garza, and Alex Keller could become operators in Season 3. The images have since been removed from Twitter via DMCA takedowns, which is usually a good indicator that the operators could arrive in Modern Warfare 2 at some point.

Additionally, TMNT's Shredder is looking to make turtle soup as Call of Duty's newest operator. The Tracer Pack: The Shredder bundle is now available in the shop for a limited time.

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