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CoD: Modern Warfare 2 Jam-Packed Highway Map Is Already Getting Hate

Love it or hate it, this map has everyone talking about it.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is now live, and players can get their hands on campaign, multiplayer, and Spec Ops mode. Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer launched with 10 standard 6v6 maps and five Ground War battle maps, and in less than 24 hours, players are already speaking out about Santa Sena Border Crossing's unique layout.

The Santa Sena Border Crossing map places players on a highway packed with an unthinkable amount of cars. Most maps feature a square or rectangle layout, but Santa Sena Border Crossing is a very narrow and linear map with little escape from the cars. There are a few small buildings just outside the highway, but the map leaves much to be desired in terms of variety and cover. Most of the fighting takes place with nothing but the traffic jam of cars, many of which will explode from damage. One grenade or killstreak can set off a chain reaction of exploding cars, and there's little chance of surviving once they start igniting.

Reddit user ShiftyLookinCow7 made a post to say they are loving the game, but asks who thought a map full of exploding cars was a good idea? Some players chimed in to call it the Picadilly of Modern Warfare 2, as Picadilly was a Modern Warfare 2019 map that also received a lot of talk and negative attention over map design.

However, not everyone seems to hate playing Santa Sena. Some users were praising how Santa Sena played in the no respawn Search and Destroy mode. Another Redditor suggests the map would actually be okay if the cars didn't explode.

Santa Sena might be a map that just takes some time to grow on people, but hopefully, future Modern Warfare 2 maps won't feature so many exploding cars. Players who took part in the beta might also notice one map is missing from Modern Warfare 2's launch lineup. Valderas Museum, which was a 6v6 map set in Spain, was playable during the multiplayer open beta but has been removed from the final game.

Additionally, Sony has revealed all the exclusive Modern Warfare 2 content players can expect for PlayStation, which include XP boosts and extra loadouts. Players can also purchase additional operator skins, and one of Modern Warfare 2's first DLC packs features a bundle that supports charity.

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