CoD: Modern Warfare 2 - Intervention Sniper And 6v6 Map Confirmed For Season 3

Activision reveals Season 3's upcoming 6v6 map and the return of the Intervention.


Longtime Call of Duty fans can expect to see the fan-favorite Intervention sniper rifle arrive in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, as the Call of Duty Twitter account has confirmed the iconic weapon will arrive in Season 3. The tweeted video also teases a brand-new 6v6 multiplayer map.

While previously leaked by data miners, Call of Duty's tweet now confirms Season 3 will include the Intervention sniper rifle, which is rebranded for Modern Warfare 2 as the FJX Imperium sniper. Season 3 will launch on April 12, and the weapon will be available to unlock in the free tiers of the battle pass.

The video shows longtime Call of Duty trickshotter FaZe Dirty getting hands-on with Modern Warfare 2's FJX Imperium sniper rifle during a playtest at Infinity Ward studios. Part of FaZe Dirty's sniping session gives a first look at Season 3's brand-new Pelayo's Lighthouse map, which is a standard 6v6 multiplayer map with a dark and rainy setting.

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Call of Duty currently features a TMNT collab, with Shredder's operator bundle available in the shop for a limited time. There's also just over a week left to finish Season 2's Path Of The Ronin event challenges, which unlock the exclusive Winds of Ash and Bowing Blossom camo designs.

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