CoD: Modern Warfare 2 And Warzone 2 Season 2 Battle Pass Details Revealed

Season 2's pass includes three free weapons, the Ronin operator, and plenty of cosmetics.


The second season of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 launches on February 15, and Call of Duty publisher Activision has released a battle pass trailer and blog to showcase some of the cosmetics players can expect. Season 2's pass includes the return of the Ronin operator skin, three new weapons, cosmetic gun blueprints, and more.

Season 2 continues Modern Warfare 2's redesigned combat map-style battle pass, which is divided into different sectors, ranging from B0 to B20. There are over 100 rewards across the free and premium tiers of the pass.

Players who purchase the Season 2 battle pass will gain immediate access to the season's added operator, Daniel "Ronin" Shinoda, who was originally introduced in Modern Warfare 2019. In addition to unlocking Ronin's default skin, the operator is bundled with four more items, including two weapon blueprints, a gun screen, and a 10% battle pass boost for faster progress.

Three weapons will be unlocked in free sectors of the pass. Sector B4 has the KV Broadside shotgun, which is described as the fastest-firing semi-auto firearm in Modern Warfare 2's shotgun class. Sector B11 unlocks the SO Hemlock assault rifle, and this new rifle is designed to take both 5.56 and subsonic .300 BLK ammunition, giving players more choice in how they customize for various playstyles. Lastly, the Dual Kodachis melee weapon is unlocked in Sector B13.

There are also a few high-rarity "HVT" operator skins in the pass. König's Expedition operator skin is unlocked in Sector B3, which is designed with full tactical gear, a mesh hood, and gloves. Kleo's Gozen skin in Sector B8 is a hooded ensemble with a red and black filtered mask. Roze has a skin in Sector B10, which features a colorful scarf and armor plates.

Players who reach 100% completion by completing all sectors of the pass will gain access to the Victory Sector, which contains additional items to unlock. This includes Ronin's The Peak operator skin, the Unchained Fury weapon blueprint for the new SO Hemlock assault rifle, and 300 CoD Points.

Additionally, the blog highlights some of the fancy bundles that players can expect to hit the shop. This includes a Valentine's Day-themed bundle called Ballistic Love, which features the Snack operator skin for Reyes, two holiday-themed weapon blueprints, a vehicle skin, and more. There's also a cyberpunk-style skin for Calisto with the Tracer Pack: Purple Jolt bundle.

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