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CoD: Modern Warfare 2 And Warzone 2 - How To Unlock The Crossbow

A crossbow was added with Season 2, and here's how you unlock it.


The second season of Call of Duty: Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 added the crossbow to the weapon pool. Here we'll guide you through all the different ways you can unlock the new crossbow for use across multiplayer, battle royale, and DMZ.

How to unlock the crossbow

Crossbow in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2
Crossbow in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2

Originally, the crossbow was available to unlock in multiplayer and battle royale by completing the Path of the Ronin limited-time event challenges. This event challenge is now over, and new camo challenges are available as the second part of the event. However, if you still need to unlock the crossbow in either multiplayer or Warzone 2's battle royale, there is a new unlock challenge available.

Multiplayer and Warzone 2

Challenge: Get 50 longshot kills with marksman rifles.

The crossbow can now be unlocked by getting 50 longshot kills with marksman rifles in either multiplayer or battle royale. This is likely going to be a much faster unlock in multiplayer. If you're attempting this in battle royale, you'll want to pick Ashika Island Resurgence to give yourself more opportunities to get kills.

DMZ unlock method

Now that all the event challenges are available, players are already unlocking the crossbow for the final reward. This means the crossbow can be equipped and used in DMZ. If a friend has this new weapon already, just have them set their crossbow as their insured weapon and invite them to play with you. They can drop the crossbow for you to pick up at the start of the match, and then you just need to successfully exfil with the weapon. This DMZ unlock method works for any weapon in the game.

Store bundle

You can bypass the challenges completely and purchase the gun outright in the shop. While it's arriving a bit late for the holiday, the Tracer Pack: Ballistic Love Bundle is finally available. This romance-themed bundle features the Snack operator skin for Reyes, a cupid-themed weapon blueprint for the crossbow, the Heartbreaker variant of the MX9, a vehicle skin, and five additional cosmetics. This nine-item cosmetic pack costs 2,400 CoD Points ($20).

Previously, Season 1 added two additional DLC guns. Here's a guide for getting the M13B assault rifle in DMZ, and how to unlock the Chimera assault rifle. We also have recommended loadouts for Warzone 2 and DMZ.

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