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CoD: Mobile Gets Shipment Map In Season 2

The classic Call of Duty 4 map Shipment is headed to Call of Duty: Mobile next week.


Developer TiMi Studios took to Twitter to reveal that one of the more well-known Call of Duty maps, Shipment, is headed to Call of Duty: Mobile as part of the game's Season 2 update.

The developer delivered the news with a video showcasing what Shipment will look like in Call of Duty: Mobile. The brief video highlights the map's tight corridors, multi-layered shipping containers, barbed-wire fencing, and lack of grass. The locale, one of the franchise's smallest maps, will be immediately familiar to anyone who played Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

This version of Shipment, while similar to the 2007 original, features some differences. The most striking thing that separates the two is how well-lit this new rendition is. The Shipment from 2007 had a grittier vibe, awash in a fog that gave it an unsettling feeling. Call of Duty: Mobile's version of Shipment, however, still retains the memorable small-scale size. And it's that claustrophobic tightness that made Shipment a favorite for modes like Free-for-All.

Shipment is said to be added to Call of Duty: Mobile as part of Season 2. Publisher Activision hasn't confirmed when Season 2 starts, though rumors suggest it will begin on March 11.

It's worth noting that this version of Shipment coming to Call of Duty: Mobile looks very similar to the one that was added to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in December 2019.

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