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CoD: Black Ops Cold War Patch Notes Tease Secret Room In Zombies

Treyarch continues to tease new Easter egg secrets for Black Ops Cold War.


Another update is arriving soon to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, with Year 2 content continuing to release for multiplayer and Zombies. On April 22, Treyarch released the Zombies portion of the patch notes to tease some upcoming secrets for Easter egg hunters.

According to Treyarch's patch notes, the update will add a new secret location into Zombies. This location will offer over a dozen rewards and a permanent upgrade in all Zombies maps, but the total rewards received will vary depending on how many main story quests a player has completed. The developer doesn't hint at the location, but Zombies' Outbreak mode could be a likely spot, as Treyarch's large-scale Zombies experience was used for many other Easter egg hunts.

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The Year 2 update will also add a new mode to Outbreak called Outbreak Collapse. This variant provides a greater challenge for Outbreak, as it will require players to outlast "increasingly intense waves for 10 minutes" before attempting to exfil from a single Outbreak region. The difficulty of the mode also ramps up every two minutes.

The Abomination special enemy type from Black Ops Cold War's Forsaken map will be added into Outbreak, and HVT Abomination will be arriving as a new Eliminate Objective type.

For the multiplayer side, patch notes haven't been released yet, but Jungle from 2010's Call of Duty: Black Ops has been announced as the next map arriving. There will also be cosmetic store bundles and two new weapons arriving to Black Ops Cold War.

This Year 2 content is scheduled to arrive alongside Call of Duty Season 3 for Vanguard and Warzone on April 27. Here is everything we know about the Season 3 Classified Arms update, which includes an event centered around Godzilla and King Kong.

The full Zombies patch notes can be found below, as shared by Treyarch.


Easter Eggs

  • Added a new secret location offering over a dozen rewards and a permanent upgrade in all Zombies maps, depending on how many Main Quests you've completed. 🤫


  • Modes
    • Outbreak Collapse
      • Players must outlast increasingly intense waves for 10 minutes before attempting to exfil from a single Region.
      • After choosing from one of two random Regions to infiltrate, fight to survive as the difficulty ramps up every two minutes.
      • Hold out until the time limit and race to the exfil point at the farthest position from your squad while a surge of zombies closes in on your position.
      • Successfully exfil from the region before time runs out to win.
    • Enemies
      • Abomination enemy added to Outbreak.
      • HVT Abomination added to Eliminate Objective.


  • Tombstone
    • Addressed an issue where players with Tombstone Tier IV were not being respawned near the end of the round.

Mystery Box

  • Weapons from Season Six can now be obtained from the Mystery Box.

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