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Coca-Cola Released A Gaming Ad And It's Getting Ratioed Into Oblivion

Coke's gaming ad is not going over so well.


Soft drink giant Coca-Cola has released a video game-focused advertisement, and it's being roasted by people online for being extremely cringe-y, contributing to a very, very bad (for Coke) ratio of likes to dislikes on YouTube.

At press time, the video had 9,200 dislikes compared to 873 likes. The video is part of a new series called "Real Magic" that tells the story of a gamer in real life and their avatar in a fictional game that looks like Warcraft. The human player is struggling in what looks to be a professional tournament when they take a sip of Coke and everything changes. The human player wakes up inside the avatar of the orc character and turns the tide of the fight.

"We are one Coke away from each other," the ad says, suggesting that all it takes is a sip of a sugary drink to unite people. The extended edition of the trailer contains more scenes that speak to this, and it's got a very bad ratio, too.

This "Real Magic" campaign is leading into some kind of announcement on October 11. "You are a few days away from discovering an amazing experience which will be full of surprises. On October 11th, come back to see what Real Magic looks like," Coke said.

In other news about sugary drinks and video games, Microsoft has announced a partnership with Rockstar Energy for a new line of drinks that come with double XP and in-game DLC for Halo Infinite.

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