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Coca-Cola Launches First Gaming Flavor, "Tastes Like XP"

For the first time, Coca-Cola has partnered with a gaming company, introducing a limited-edition +XP flavor of its Ultimate Zero Sugar drink.


Soda companies have been collaborating with gaming brands for years, but Coca-Cola has remained out of that picture--until now. The soda giant recently announced that it's partnering with League Of Legends in producing a limited-edition flavor of its Ultimate Zero Sugar soda, which it dubbed "+XP," for "the taste of experience points."

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League players can participate in a series of three missions to unlock ultimate emotes. The three missions are getting 7 assists in a single game for the Ultimate Teamplay emote, earning 12,000 gold in a single game for the Ultimate Gains emote, and winning a game in under 20 minutes for the Ultimate Tempo emote. These missions went live in the game on June 7 and will end on July 18.

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Described as "a unique and bespoke collaboration," each can of the soda includes a QR code that players can scan to enter the "Coca-Cola Creations Hub," which offers digital experiences themed around the drink. For example, later this month, it will feature an Instagram filter that will transform you into a "cinematic gaming hero." It currently features a League-themed Instagram filter.

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According to the announcement, the limited-edition drink is available in select markets, including the US, Canada, China, South Korea, Latin America, and Africa. It's unclear how long it will be on store shelves. In other League Of Legends news, the game's professional players have initiated a strike after Riot changed a rule that caused many professional teams to gut their developmental-level teams, which led to layoffs. As of this writing, it's unclear if the LCS summer season will proceed.

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