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Cobra Kai Heads Back To Mr. Miyagi's House For Season 2 - NYCC 2018

Enter the Miyagi Dojo.


New York Comic-Con has come to an end, but Sunday offered up a few more panels for TV series, movies, and more. The YouTube Premium series Cobra Kai, held a panel to discuss what's coming down the line for Season 2 of the series.

On the stage, stars Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, and screenwriters Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg discussed the first season of the series, while in the midst of shooting Season 2. They also revealed that there is a whole new--yet familiar set--coming to Season 2. A clip was shown at the event, and Heald provided setup for it. In it, the younger members of the cast give a tour of the Miyagi Dojo, a major set piece for the second season. Viewers saw Miyagi's garden at the end of Season 1, and now Mr. Miyagi's old home has been turned into a dojo. Obviously, this set piece will be the place where LaRusso trains his new students. It is completely empty inside, but the backyard is a place of serenity and peace, featuring trees, green grass, and a pond with water feature.

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We learned that the next season Cobra Kai will debut sometime in the summer of 2019, and it will consist--like Season 1--of 10 episodes. However, the runtime for those episodes may be a bit longer, as Hurwitz explained the show "will be digging deeper on everybody." Season 2 will expand a bit more on the younger generation we saw in the first season, but it will continue to have the same balance between the kids, Johnny, and Daniel.

Going into this new season, the writing team had a good idea of where they wanted to take the story. "We have multiple seasons planned out," explained Heald, who also stated they had so much planned for different character arcs for Season 1 that they simply couldn't pack it in. However, this show isn't just trying to rekindle the love of Karate Kid with those who grew up with it. "It was important that a newer generation falls in love with this the same way we did," Hurwitz stated.

There were plenty of questions for the cast and creators, particularly revolving around whether or not Daniel and Johnny will be fighting in Season 2. There wasn't a direct answer, but it did seem like both men would be involved in fight sequences in the next season, but it wasn't clear if it will be against each other.

Find out more about Season 2 of Cobra Kai when it hits YouTube Premium next spring.

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