Coalition sympathetic to Aussie R18+ cause

Federal Shadow Attorney-General George Brandis says "inconsistencies" in current classification system need to be addressed.


With the next Standing Committee of Attorneys-General (SCAG) meeting set for next Friday, December 10, it seems more Australian politicians are eager to make their stance heard regarding an adult classification for games. Last week, Labor ACT Senator Kate Lundy delivered a speech to the Senate on the benefits of an adult classification for games. This week, the other side of politics has popped up, with the Federal Opposition's Shadow Attorney-General George Brandis stepping up to the plate, voicing his sympathy towards the R18+ cause and his concern for Australia's current classification laws.

Shadow AG George Brandis.
Shadow AG George Brandis.

"The Coalition recognises there are inconsistencies in the current classification system that need to be addressed," Brandis told GameSpot AU. "We are looking closely at a number of proposals as to how the Australian classification system can be more effective across all types of media, including games and software."

When asked if the Coalition would consider supporting a private member's bill on the topic of R18+ for games, as discussed by Greens Senator Scott Ludlam last month, Brandis deferred to the Shadow Cabinet.

"The Coalition's response to specific legislation that may be introduced into the Parliament would be a matter for the Shadow Cabinet."

Other attorneys-general continue to remain tight-lipped about the issue of R18+ for games. In February this year GameSpot AU surveyed all state and territory attorneys-general, finding that only the Australian Capital Territory's AG was willing to admit public support for R18+; the other ministers either stated no position or declined to comment.

Federal Minister for Home Affairs Brendan O'Connor will present the R18+ for games topic to censorship ministers at SCAG next Friday. Although never stating a defined position on the issue, O'Connor did tell GameSpot AU that he is keen to make progress.

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