CNN Uses Fallout 4 Footage in a Report on Russian Hacking

Hey, maybe that's what the real deal does look like.


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During a recent report regarding alleged Russian hacking of the US presidential election, CNN briefly showed footage from Fallout 4.

As noticed by Reddit user Poofylicious (via PC Gamer), the video--which can be seen here at around the 1:02 mark--shows an angled shot of a computer screen displaying random strings of text. The cliche-ridden shot is, in fact, a common sight in Bethesda's Fallout games, as demonstrated in the graphic below from the Reddit post.

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It's an amusing oversight, but hardly the first time we've seen this happen with a news network. During a story on child soldiers, RT showed an image from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, a decision it later called "deliberate." An Iranian network showed Medal of Honor footage in a report on a raid on ISIS, while Yahoo opted for a Destiny screenshot in a web story about one of Saturn's moons. Halo's UNSC logo and Assassin's Creed have also been mistaken for real-world things.

Bethesda had a little fun with the incident, sending out the tweet below after news of the CNN gaffe began to spread.

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