Club Nintendo Closure Sale Offers Major Deals and Discounts

Wonderful 101 just 600 coins; Retro Mario t-shirt available for 700 coins; Dozens of Virtual Console games available.

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Club Nintendo has commenced a major sale as the loyalty program enters its final months, with discounts on games and apparel.

Deals on offer include a Retro Mario T-Shirt (700 coins), Mario and Luigi Greeting Cards (300 coins), a 3DS Game Case that holds 18 games (400 coins), a 2016 Desktop Calendar (400 coins), along with a Super Mario Bros. 3 Poster Set (700 coins).

Physical items are said to be in limited stock, though Nintendo is also offering a diverse range of digital games too.

Platinum Games' Wii U debut project, The Wonderful 101, can be downloaded for just 600 coins, while NES Remix costs just 300.

Club Nintendo, a loyalty program that launched in 2007 and supplied free gifts to owners of the Nintendo DS, Wii, 3DS and Wii U, is to close down in September. Nintendo says it is "working hard to create a new program," which is expected to launch later in the year. No further details were disclosed, aside from Nintendo's pledge to UK games that those who sign up to the new program will receive a free copy of Flipnote Studio 3D for the 3DS. In the US, Flipnote Studio is available to all current Club Nintendo members (and those who sign up before the program shuts down).

Nintendo says that customers with remaining coins can exchange then for rewards up until June 30.

Classic Nintendo games, available for the Wii U, the 3DS and the original Wii include Yoshi's Island, Super Punch-Out!!, F-Zero, Dr Mario, Pilotwings, Super Metroid, Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, F-Zero X and Mario Golf (250).

The Wii's Virtual Console games, which make up a large quantity of the games on offer, can be accessed via a pre-installed emulator on the Wii U.

Go here to look at the full rewards catalogue.

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