Club Football 2005 drops Leeds United

Codemasters announces that it will not be releasing a Leeds United version of its upcoming club-themed soccer game.


Club Football 2005
Manchester United Soccer 2005

Codemasters has recently announced in its official forum that it no longer intends to release a Leeds United version of Club Football 2005.

When the original Club Football was released in Europe in 2003, the dedicated Leeds United fan base ensured that its version was actually one of the most successful. The team was one of around 20 from Europe due to get its own club-themed version of the 2005 game. However, since it was relegated from the English Premiership to Division 1 of the Football League, releasing the game would've caused Codemasters "development issues."

Still, Codemasters has made it very clear that it still enjoys a good relationship with Leeds United and hopes to release versions of Leeds United Club Football in the future--presumably when the team makes it back in to the Premiership.

Club Football 2005 is currently scheduled for release in Europe toward the end of this year. We'll bring you more information on the game as soon as it becomes available.

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