Close Combat: Invasion Normandy Gold

Mattel Interactive's upcoming real-time strategy wargame is complete and will soon be available in retail stores. New screens inside.


Close Combat: Invasion: Normandy

Mattel Interactive has announced that the fifth game in its Close Combat real-time strategy series has gone gold. Close Combat: Invasion Normandy brings a number of improvements to the series, by re-emphasizing infantry tactics and adding force pool dynamics, which allow the player to customize battle groups. In addition, a new campaign system allows for better control of multiple battle groups on a scrolling map of the Cotentin Peninsula. The interface screens have been improved to assist players in reviewing their soldiers' progress and skill improvement, and a scenario editor allows players to create custom battles and campaigns. For those looking for an authentic strategic experience, a historical-conditions option adjusts the weather to match actual historical data and alters air and naval support accordingly. Close Combat: Invasion Normandy also supports head-to-head competition over a network or the Internet.

For more information on Close Combat: Invasion Normandy and the Close Combat series, visit the official web site.

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