Cloning Clyde coming to Xbox 360

Outpost Kaloki X developer NinjaBee announces its next Xbox Live Arcade title, a 3D adventure puzzle game.


NinjaBee, the developer of Outpost Kaloki X, is returning to the Xbox 360's Live Arcade in the near future with Cloning Clyde, the company announced today. But where Kaloki was a fast-paced strategy game, Clyde is being pitched as a 3D adventure puzzle game.

Players will have to help the dim-witted subject of an ill-intentioned cloning experiment (and his new clone buddies) escape their captors/creators with the help of unusual technology. Along the way, Clyde will be able to cross-clone himself with chickens, sheep, apes, and more. Each abomination of natural law will have its own abilities to help all the clones escape.

Set for release "soon," Cloning Clyde will have offline modes including two-player co-op action through 40 levels and four-player versus bouts in six arenas. The game will also support multiplayer action for more participants online. No price or rating information for the game has been announced.

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