Clive Barker and John Woo get Demonik

Acclaimed filmmakers announce they are simultaneously producing a next-gen console game and film. First screens and trailer inside.


Acclaimed action director John Woo has long expressed his interest in video games. And he's shown it by both scooping up the film rights to Metroid and helming the film adaptation of Spy Hunter, starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Now, Woo's game company, Tiger Hill Entertainment, is further blurring the line between film and games. Today, Majesco announced it will publish Demonik, a new horror action game copublished by Tiger Hill and written by writer/director/author Clive Barker. The game marks the latest project for Hellraiser director Barker, who also oversaw development of Undying, the acclaimed 2001 action game from Electronic Arts.

Developed by Terminal Reality, the studio behind the BloodRayne games--which are themselves being made into films--Demonik is scheduled to ship in 2006 for unspecified "next-generation consoles." It will also be simultaneously developed as a film property. "Barker is set to oversee the story, character designs, cinematics, and voice talent for the game," according to Majesco. "Barker also has the option to write and direct the film."

"Demonik will be an intense gaming experience," said Barker in a statement. "I'm having a lot of fun enriching the game's mythology and polishing the characters till they shine. And, of course, adding a little bit of Barker darkness. Demonik promises to be a game that you will play with clammy palms."

Besides hand-sweat predictions, Majesco was rather mum on details about Demonik, saying only that it is a "third-person action game that allows players to control the ultimate bad guy--wreaking havoc with a variety of innovative and spectacular powers and abilities."

GameSpot will have more on Demonik as further details are made available.

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