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Climax not planning a Sudeki sequel

[UPDATE] Typo in job listing on the developer's site led many to believe a follow-up to the long-delayed Xbox RPG was in the works.


Even though it took Sudeki years to be completed, word began to spread this week that Climax is planning to make a sequel to the oft-delayed delayed role-playing game. The revelation came in the form of a job listing on Climax's official site, which described the studio:

"Climax is developing a wide range of games for leading publishers including: Codename Avalon, ATV Fury III, Sudeki 2, Moto-GP 3, The Final Option, Hot Wheels, Delta Force: Black Hawk Down, Tron 2.0, Dragon Wars and other exciting projects yet to be announced."

Besides exposing plans for a Sudeki sequel, the ad also appeared to reveal two other new games: The Final Option and Dragon Wars. No further information was revealed for those titles, although the listing also mentions Codename Avalon, Climax's previously announced mystery project for next-generation consoles.

[UPDATE] Given Sudeki's lackluster critical reception, many industry watchers wondered why Climax was planning for a sequel. In fact, they're not. "As far as the Climax job posting with Sudeki 2 in it it is actually a typo," said a rep for the developer. "As Microsoft holds the IP to the game Climax would not announce a sequel unless Microsoft approved the project to be done and chose Climax as the developer." In other words, don't expect a Sudeki 2 any time soon.

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