Clerks 3 Update: Kevin Smith Finishes First Draft

And he intends to start filming this year.


In a Facebook post published on Thursday, writer/director/pop culture enthusiast Kevin Smith revealed that he has "just finished" the first draft of Clerks 3. He also shared that he started writing on December 28, and that this is technically the second version of the film he's written, adding that he's "now very happy we never made" the previous version from six years ago.

Comparing this draft to the previous one, Smith writes that this is "a much more personal story than the previous incarnation, drawing directly on the heart attack that nearly killed me (three years ago next month)." Smith also posted a picture of a fraction of the script's first page, which you can read for yourself below.

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Elsewhere in the Facebook post, Smith also shares that while his own mortality was very much in mind for the script, he promises "this script to Clerks 3 makes me laugh out loud." He also credited the realities of living in quarantine and overall "the real world lately" were a major catalyst for Smith to hold still, sit down, and bang out a draft--noting that "the writing doesn't begin when you start tapping the keys: I've been stirring this stew in my brain pan for a while now."

No release date for the film has yet been set, but Smith indicates he wants to "spend some of 2021… in New Jersey where it all began" to begin filming. You can read our review of the Jay and Silent Bob reboot here.

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