Clementine will return in The Walking Dead season 2

Major character from The Walking Dead's first season "will definitely be a part of" the game's upcoming second season, says Telltale.


Telltale has confirmed that one its main characters in the Walking Dead game, Clementine, will be returning for the second season.

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Speaking at a panel at the San Diego Comic-Con (reported by IGN), Telltale said that Clementine "will definitely be a part of" The Walking Dead's upcoming second season.

Telltale is aiming to release the first chapter of its second season of The Walking Dead later this year.

Elsewhere in the panel, Telltale also said the fate of accompanying character Kenny "will be explored." A teaser image of what appeared to be Clementine sitting in the rain next to another child was also shown, adds IGN.

Clementine is a young girl found by protagonist Lee Everett near the start of season one's five episodes, and she accompanies Everett throughout the rest of the chapters.

Telltale also said that season two of The Walking Dead would launch on the Vita on the same day as other platforms, unlike the delay with season one.

Telltale recently released The Walking Dead: 400 Days, an additional chapter designed to bridge the gap between seasons one and two. GameSpot awarded the new chapter a score of 9.0 in its review.

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If Lee does come back he is only going to come back for the people that chose to spare him as a zombie. The people that killed him will not see him as a zombie. Your choices will affect season 2.

Avatar image for adyxxx333

@dfrulers so if i spare lee he will become a zombie and i will see him in second season.? :o

Avatar image for theslovakian38
@YesSheWill you're an idiot for comparing the two
Avatar image for Alexmenkl22

Clementine I think she is gonna be a good shooter

Avatar image for ikillaman

am happy to see Clem this year.

Avatar image for dominer

I fail to see why this is news, it wouldn't make sense to shelf Clem aside after last season's semi-cliffhanger.

Avatar image for Oozyrat

I know it's been awhile, but definitely a spoiler headline. The Steam sale just ended and a lot of people just got the game for the first time.

Edit: Actually just saw thermalmotion's comment and it proves my point.

Avatar image for jsmoke03

ooohhh nice. my gf is going to be happy to hear this

Avatar image for thermalmotion


I just finished playing the game after finally getting it on the steam sale. Glad I did, it was pretty good.

Avatar image for YesSheWill

I'm debating whether or not if I want to go through another season of drab gameplay for the sake of a compelling story. Don't get me wrong, I liked the first season, but that was before playing State of Decay (SOD). Now, the first season seems like a waste of space while I find myself playing SOD over and over again. I hope the gameplay from the first season get addressed for the second.

Avatar image for ewjiml


You are comparing two vastly different games. Walking Dead will never be like SOD. It is not a shooter. It is not a strategy game. It is not a survival game. It IS a narrative driven game that forces you to make hard choices that alter the course of the plot.. SOD has no narrative. There are no difficult choices that affect the plot down the road. SOD is a good survival game. So if you are hoping that the Season 2 gameplay turns into SOD, go piss off and play SOD or Dead Island.

Avatar image for YesSheWill

@ewjiml You have fallen victim to your own assumptions. I made it clear that I own both SOD and The Walking Dead season one, so I know how they differ. I also know what they have in common. They are both video games. Video games most valuable trait will always be gameplay. Sure, the story is important. But once you made it through the game, there has to be a reason to pick it up and play it again. The Walking Dead video game uses choices to give it replay value, but for those who played through the entire first season, they know that your choices do not have any real bearings on the main course of the story. For example, the people that you try to save end up dying anyway, or running off for that matter. Also, I never said that The Walking Dead game had to copy SOD gameplay. All, I said was that its gameplay needed to improve. Finally, my comment was my opinion, so if you can not respect that then you are the one that needs to piss off.

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@YesSheWill @ewjiml Replayability should not matter or be factored into a review.

Avatar image for OzmaHD

This is old news most people figured this will happen

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Avatar image for SavoyPrime

I can't wait!!!

Avatar image for foxrock66

Fock yes she will.

Avatar image for sadscooterpipe

Clementine will remember that...

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One of the main characters from season 1 will be returning this fall. Stay tuned to find out who. There fixed it for you!

Avatar image for theslovakian38

I think she will return but it would be mad late in the season. hopefully not but it seems like that's what developers like to do now days

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Yey. So nice Clem will be in the next season. ^_^

Avatar image for blackzio

Isn't that a bit of a spoiler for those who didn't play the entire seasons?

Avatar image for tightwad34

@blackzio Hmm, good point.

Avatar image for trdrstv

Maybe not a good thing. In my head she escaped, and found safety "with a nice boy" and grew up to be a princess on a Swiss family Robinson type island. Her being in Season 2 means, not only will she [mostly likely] die, but I'll have to stab/ shoot her in the face...

like 5 times...

just to be sure.

Seriously, this game hasn't been full of hope /optimism so I liked ended her story in my head.

Avatar image for fredwv

I want Lee back dammit.

Avatar image for kevkyl

@fredwv he might be in the next season, zombified of course. maybe clem would have to kill him.

Avatar image for 4le_breVVer

@fredwv me too.

Avatar image for k_h_a_n

@4le_breVVer @fredwv me too

Avatar image for SoNin360

I thought it was pretty obvious she would be returning. It wouldn't make sense for her not to the way the first season ended. I'm glad it's official that we will be seeing her. Perhaps she won't be the center of attention, for a while at least, what with all the other new characters. And that's nice they'll explain what went down with Kenny, but I kind of wish they would have kept that part secret, oh well.

Avatar image for 2w-sephiroth

I recently finished the first Walking Dead, it was amazing

Avatar image for neumanbr

@2w-sephiroth I finished it this saturday and I completely agree with you, although my ending let me sad. lol

Avatar image for Apastron

Well, having just started the first season, I guess I can rule out one ending...

Avatar image for 4le_breVVer

@Apastron There is really only one ending.

Avatar image for Apastron

@4le_breVVer And I'm guessing she'll live.

Avatar image for foxrock66

@Apastron @4le_breVVer Lots of branches and variables leading to one end

Avatar image for deactivated-5b797108c254e

@Apastron The "endings" are not really diverse at all mostly merges in the end...

Avatar image for Super_Tramp

oooh. so she did survive. i'm glad.

Avatar image for AlexFili

400 Days is great DLC