Clean up a bloody mess in Viscera Cleanup Detail, now in Early Access

If you’re going to make a mess in so many games, it’s only fair you clean up a bit.

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Viscera Cleanup Detail, the game that puts you in the boots of a space station janitor tasked with cleaning up the mess you’re usually making in ordinary action games, is out now in Steam Early Access.

Imagine what a level in Dead Space looks like after you finish it and move on. Viscera Cleanup Detail is a game about what happens after, putting you in charge of cleaning up all the blood, guts, and debris. It’s surprisingly fun!

Developer RuneStorm first released Viscera Cleanup Detail as a free Alpha via IndieDB. There’s also a $2.49 Christmas-themed Santa’s Rampage edition you can get from Steam, and a crossover with Devolver Digital’s Shadow Warrior remake, in which you clean-up after Lo Wang’s carnage.

You can start playing Viscera Cleanup Detail now for $8. As with all Early Access games, it comes with the usual warning about bugs and missing content, which RuneStorm will of course fix and add for free as it continues development.

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I played clean up for 5 minutes and that was enough for me. that game got boring in no time. $8 is waste of money, honestly.

Avatar image for foxrock66

This has been available for like… a while. A little late to the party here, GS

Avatar image for xsonicchaos

yaaay fuun...

Avatar image for gamerno66666

Scaaaaaaaaaaaam. Bloody Scaaaaaaaaaaaaam.

Avatar image for 00J

a few years ago i said it would be interesting to explore that other side of the game. Haha, for example a space shooting game where instead of going out fighting, you are the one loading and preparing the ships, and repairing them when they come in from battles.

kind of like dungeon keeper's role reversal.

Avatar image for SkyAboveThePort

WTF does Early Access mean if I've had this in my Steam library for months?

Avatar image for Evanduil

I think it's hilarious how they expect me to pay for a game that isn't finished.

Avatar image for sortajan

<< LINK REMOVED >> why not? you get to be part of the community/development process, you don't have to pay for it again so it's not like you have to pay twice, and a lot of early access games are tons of fun even though they're unfinished (minecraft, starbound, prison architect, drunken robot pornography, etc; ). i also have fond memories of playing on test servers in some MMOs. then there's just the nostalgia factor, because it's always fun to think "i remember when.."

so i don't really get why you think it's hilarious. there are scams in early access, but there are probably even more scams in retail.

Avatar image for Evanduil

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Unfinished games aren't fun to play to me. Why would I want to be a part of a community that willingly and acknowledges that they've bought a game that doesn't work as intended?

Avatar image for sortajan

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I just explained it to you.

Avatar image for Silv3rSt0rm82

<< LINK REMOVED >> ironically it's more stable and look more finish than a lot of games you probably paid for in the past...

This game is looks more finished already than any EA products to name them only...

Avatar image for BravoOneActual

"I'm too old for this shit."

Tell me about it.

Avatar image for gamerboy100

I thought April Fool's Day was five days ago. lol

Still, they get points for creativity.

Avatar image for hystavito

Do you have to bring your own lemon Pledge from home?

Seriously though, I remember seeing this on GiantBomb some time ago and I like the concept. I wonder though, how it will ultimately turn out. Maybe they want to give a sense of monotony and gloom of such a job, but if it ends up being boring then well, that's not much "fun" :).

Avatar image for hystavito

<< LINK REMOVED >> Sort of a Cleaning Company Tycoon, but you also do the actual cleaning as well :).

Avatar image for Saidrex

<< LINK REMOVED >> no, there are no such things in this game. And stop with that f*cking spam

Avatar image for jer_1

They ought to have the cleanup detail DLC be a guy who gets sent in to clean up too early and has to clean among the gunfire!

Avatar image for deactivated-58270bc086e0d

I do think this is a really cool idea. Won't be buying it till it gets a proper release though.

Kind of reminds me of Cabin in the Woods. Imagine all of the things you would find if you had to clean up after all of those Nightmare creatures had done their thing!

Would be awesome. So much they can do, so much that can happen. Like an adventure all of itself.

Avatar image for spacecadet25

Sweet! I'm not much of a PC gamer but I'm definitely getting this.

I like games where you clean, mow lawns, etc (though I hate doing that stuff in real life, go figure). I can't wait until some kid is playing this, and his mom is like "you spend all day cleaning in that game, but I can't get you to clean your room!"

Using the mop on ALL surfaces, gross. Reminds me of my retail days, where I once watched a co-worker use a mop to clean up a nasty mess on the bathroom floor first, then the toilet rim, then the toilet seat, then the back of the toilet, in that order, and without even rinsing the mop, and he was just using warm water.

Avatar image for emanuelmaiberg

<< LINK REMOVED >> I'm happy to report that Viscera Cleanup Detail is realistic in that you have to clean the mop frequently AND get fresh water for the bucket. It's so great :D

Avatar image for zyxe

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>ok, but do i get to choose between lysol and pine sol?

Avatar image for spacecadet25

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> That's good news, and thank God. When people make cleaning games they should go all out and really make a cleaning game. I wonder if there's any RPG elements to it, such as buying better mops, better gloves, stronger cleaning solutions, power and speed upgrades, etc. Scoring and leaderboards would be nice too.

Avatar image for ps3gamer1234