Clean up a bloody mess in Viscera Cleanup Detail, now in Early Access

If you’re going to make a mess in so many games, it’s only fair you clean up a bit.

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Viscera Cleanup Detail, the game that puts you in the boots of a space station janitor tasked with cleaning up the mess you’re usually making in ordinary action games, is out now in Steam Early Access.

Imagine what a level in Dead Space looks like after you finish it and move on. Viscera Cleanup Detail is a game about what happens after, putting you in charge of cleaning up all the blood, guts, and debris. It’s surprisingly fun!

Developer RuneStorm first released Viscera Cleanup Detail as a free Alpha via IndieDB. There’s also a $2.49 Christmas-themed Santa’s Rampage edition you can get from Steam, and a crossover with Devolver Digital’s Shadow Warrior remake, in which you clean-up after Lo Wang’s carnage.

You can start playing Viscera Cleanup Detail now for $8. As with all Early Access games, it comes with the usual warning about bugs and missing content, which RuneStorm will of course fix and add for free as it continues development.

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