Classic X-Men Characters Featured In New Trailer For TV Spinoff The Gifted

"On this day, everything changes, forever."


We got a big look at The Gifted, a new TV series coming soon on FOX that's sure to appeal to X-Men fans. A new trailer was revealed at Comic-Con in San Diego, and this time some classic X-Men characters are joining the battle.

The Marvel/FOX show will expand on the X-Men universe, but won't overlap with any of the film series. "The X-Men, the brotherhood, we don't even know if they exist anymore," says one character in the trailer. The series centers around the Strucker family escaping the government after officials discover their children are mutants.

Young mutants Lauren and Andy then sync up with an "underground network of mutants and must fight to survive," said FOX, and are aided by their mother (played by Amy Acker) and their mutant hunter-turned protector father (True Blood's Stephen Moyer) along the way.

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We see some classic X-Men characters pop up in this trailer, too. It appears Thunderbird, Polaris, and Blink join the fight to protect the Struckers, and a new mutant named Eclipse is introduced as well.

The Gifted makes its debut on FOX on October 2, and is written by Burn Notice's Matt Nix and directed by X-Men series director and producer Bryan Singer. You can see the first teaser trailer for The Gifted here, and for the latest news from Comic-Con 2017 check out GameSpot's full coverage.

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