Classic title accompanies Baten Kaitos preorder

Famicom favorite Tower Of Druaga to be included in preorder package.


TOKYO--Namco will be giving out a free GameCube port of its classic dungeon title Tower Of Druaga to those who preorder its new title, Baten Kaitos.

The campaign is designed to commemorate the upcoming 20th anniversary of Nintendo's Famicom console. The Tower of Druaga version will be a direct port of the Famicom version from 1985. Namco will reveal additional details on the campaign later this month.

The Tower of Druaga first appeared as an arcade game in 1984. Designed by Xevious developer Masanobu Endou, the game attracted core gamers with a level of difficulty that was rare for its time. Numerous sequels followed, including Return of Ishtar and Kai no Bouken (Kai’s Adventure).

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