Classic Sega games coming to the PC

Sega announces that a number of its classic Genesis games will soon be available on the RealOne Arcade service.

3 Comments and RealNetworks have today announced that they will be bringing a number of Sega's classic Genesis games to the RealOne Arcade service for the PC. The new Sega channel is already available, and currently players are able to download official PC versions of Sonic the Hedgehog , Ecco the Dolphin, Columns III, and Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. Demo versions of the games can be downloaded free of charge, while the full versions of the games will cost $14.99 each.

"Great games last forever and has an extensive library of innovative and compelling content, and the powerful reach of RealOne Arcade helps us bring these great games to a whole new audience," said Scott Rubin, director of business development for "We are excited to be working with RealNetworks to bring back games that have stood the test of time."

Six more Sega Genesis games have already been confirmed for release on RealOne Arcade in the future, including Sonic the Hedgehog , Shinobi III: Return of Ninja Master, ToeJam & Earl, Vectorman, Virtua Fighter 2, and Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

"RealOne Arcade provides new opportunities for the gaming industry to unlock their archives as well as a simple and compelling platform for Sega enthusiasts to play their all-time favorite games," said Ted Woolsey, business development director, games division, RealNetworks. "We look forward to working with to launch additional games for the PC and provide a seamless experience for an entire new generation of gamers."

In addition to those from Sega, well over 100 other games are already available from the RealOne Arcade Web site, many of them with an option to download a free demo before committing to purchasing the full version. Recent additions to RealOne Arcade include the likes of Backyard Baseball, Sonic the Hedgehog , and Sonic the Hedgehog .

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