Classic Mario, Ganondorf, and More Amiibo Get US Release Dates

Here's when you'll (have a chance to) get your hands on nine new Amiibo figures.


The latest batch of Amiibo will arrive in the United States in just over a month, on September 11, Nintendo announced today.

Zero Suit Samus, Ganondorf, Olimar, Bowser Jr., Dr. Mario, and 30th Anniversary Mario (classic color) will all be available on that day. These are primarily associated with Super Smash Bros., but the 30th Anniversary Mario is meant to celebrate the release of Super Mario Maker, which is also due out on September 11.

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Back in April, Nintendo had slated this batch of Amiibo (except Mario) for a September release. Since then, it revealed the 8-bit-style Mario, which will be available in both classic and modern colors. There's no word yet on when Nintendo plans to launch the modern version; it said only that more details "will be shared in the future."

Later in September, Amiibo collectors will again be busy, as the Retro 3 Pack is set for release on September 25 in the US. This is a bundle that consists of Duck Hunt, ROB, and Mr. Game & Watch Amiibo figures. Meanwhile, the three-pack that was expected out in September (featuring Mii fighters) won't be out until November.

Details regarding availability and dates when you'll be able to preorder all of these "will be announced directly from various retailers in the near future." Palutena was recently an Amazon exclusive, and it's possible that we may see a similar arrangement with Amazon (or another retailer) with some of these new figures.

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